How to be a Master Jedi in List Building - The Golden Rule in Email Marketing

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Hello fellow Padawans!

The struggles of writing emails are real even for myself!

Whichever how your emails will flow, there's a very important rule to follow!

75% Pull and 25% Push!

Building a relationship, creating the bond with your subscribers with your story, your journey! Pull people towards you so they can Know, Like, and Trust! And the push to the sales pitching will flow much better and hopefully will get you better results!

Like everything else, needs training and practice!

Inside Click Track Profit you will have a training module just about Email Marketing, as well as Content Marketing!

Also, you have HIVE and CTPTalk to improve your writing skills as you build your brand!

All these tools and tips that I've been sharing are a must-have!

But they will only work if you use them!

May the Force be with YOU!


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Great video Eliana, and really nice advice on how to get good at writing emails, build a relationship, and use your blogging skills, it's been added to the index.

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