How to use Hive Engine Tokens

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A lot of users are not aware that on Hive we have actually a side chain that allows us to multiply our income. I'm speaking about Hive-Engine tokens. You can check your wallet on Hive Engine. Log in with Hive Keychain and check your wallet. Probably you have some tokens already.

There are some tokens that you can stake and you can earn if you use the correct tags in your posts. This also allows you to earn additional income from curating. If you have staked hive tokens and you upvote posts with the according tag, you will be able to earn double curation rewards.

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Thanks again for a really great tutorial Achim, tribes and tokens is an important area to cover, and I have added it to a new category for that in the index, keep up your great work.


I wanted to write to you over discord but 3speak took a lot of time to upload the video and I was out of house when it was online. I believe it's an important aspect for newcommers and I'm happy you made an additional category in the index.

Yeah it a great subject, keep up your awesome work.

This is now bookmarked for me. I need these kinds of tutorials and appreciate this very much! :D

Thanks a lot for your feed-back! I'm happy it's useful.

Hi @achim03.ctp!
I just want to say you explained Hive Engine tokens very well and showed how to earn those tokens on the post. Thank you for putting your effort to make this video. I'm sure newbies will be benefited from this.

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Thank you for your kind words. I believe it's quite a complicated subject and I hope this video makes it easier to understand.

Watched and bookmarked to watch again!

Thank you so much for this. You explained it all really well and I look forward to more.

I wish that there was noting but a series of tutorials like this for absolute, complete new beginners- both on the Hive and it's relation to Crypto, put into simple, every day usage.

It would also make it far more enticing to the outside world to join the Hive if this type of info was easily accessible, relatable and understandable.

So thank you once again and I look forward to more of these tutorials as it's been 6 weeks and after so many hours researching, reading, more research and reading... I still don't understand so many of the most common things, or how to do them.

Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

The beginnings on the blockchain can be daunting. There is so much to learn and you actually have to get the information all by yourself which is quite a lot of work.

Even after two years on the blockchain, I still learn new stuff regularly :-).

I still don't understand so many of the most common things, or how to do them.

Feel free to ask your questions, I will gladly try to give you some answers :-)

Cool, no worries, and thank you more to the point!

I have a list of questions but I'll do as Erik asked and send in one at a time to the discord channel....😁

Thank you!!!

Thanks again a lot of useful information.

Thanks a lot for your comment!

Tribe and tribe tokens are getting traffic and value so it is very important to understand them .

Thanks for taking this topic.

You point out something that I forgot in this video. When we put these tags to posts, not only become our posts eligible to get rewards for this coin, they also appear in the according front ends. This means more traffic!

Thank you for stopping by

Thanks for another useful tutorial! It will be helpful for newcomers!

Thanks for stopping by my friend!

A very nice tutorial, keep up the good work!

Thanks a lot for your kind comment!

Thank you for creating this follow-up video to answer my question. It has been very informative. I now need to research the various tokens that I have to see which communities apply to the posts I create. You have been very helpful.

I loaded the video on 3speak but it took a lot of time to upload and I was out of house afterwards. I'm happy you found it :-).

My counsel is to concentrate on 2 to 3 communities. You can always sell other tokens and buy the tokens that you are interested in on hive engine.

Sounds like good advice...thanks.

Another great instructional video, it's good to know at least a little about the tribe tokens being there are several that are good to have.

I don't know all the tribe tokens but for me the best ones are ctp and leo.

Thanks a lot for stopping by!

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