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I am on the occasion today I have a collection of small insect species that I found in the forest, at that time I saw a small insect animal that was crawling on one of the leaf stalks in the forest.

then at that time I tried to get closer to take some photos of these little insect animals and on the occasion of today will show you some of this small insect animal collection, hope you like it.







This small insect animal is one of the animals that are very active during the day and at that time I took the photo very carefully so that the object of this insect animal looked perfect, and at that time I managed to take some pictures of this little insect animal.

All photos of these animals look very beautiful and attractive and have very bright colors and look very attractive, I shot all of these photos of small insects using the Vivo Y12 smartphone camera, the location of Aceh Forest, Indonesia. I hope you like my post today.



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