Dragonflies are very pretty and attractive in home gardens today

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Hi everyone .... how are you all, I hope your day is always fun and I hope you are all well today. I as usual today there is a collection of dragonfly animals that I met in my home garden, I saw this dragonfly standing on a flower tree trunk.

by the way, I want to tell you a little bit of time when I took this picture of dragonflies, when I was sitting in front of the house then I saw a dragonfly this type of insect was standing on one of the flower tree trunks in my home garden, then at the time I tried to take some pictures of this animal.

and on the occasion of today I will show you some stock photos of dragonflies that I shot today hope you like them.











This dragonfly has a very amazing beauty seen from this dragonfly animal standing on one of the flower tree trunks in my home garden looks very beautiful and attractive and has a very bright color.

This dragonfly is an animal that is active during the day and they like to fly anywhere and is a group of insects. I took a photo of this dragonfly using the Vivo Y12 model smartphone camera located in Aceh, Indonesia.


WoW bro! These are excellent shots & the motif is something I admires since my early childhood! The dragonflies are really amazing creatures who live through 3 forms or stages of metamorphosis: the egg, the "baby" dragonfly who lives in water & the grown-up who flies the air. They are great predators in the bug world & apparently they survived the ice age in this form!

Thank you very much..

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