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Every day on Hive authors are using stock images. I use them on occasion myself and when I add that source link as a thank you to the creator of that image on the free stock photo sites I wish I could give them a percentage beneficiary from that post. Except they probably don't have an account on Hive, so I can't.

Yet Hive has lots of talented artists and photographers. What if they wanted to offer some of their work up for use by other Hivers for the chance of a return of a percentage beneficiary every time someone used that picture? We could then be supporting our own content creators and giving these artists an ongoing income stream for their efforts.

Enter the Stock Images community.

The concept is that artists can post their art or photos in a post in the community that they are happy for others to use, then others who are looking for images can browse through what is available. If they use one they can make the creator of that image a beneficiary of the post it's used in.

Currently we don't have a search method within communities, but there is a search for the Hive site. So here are some suggestions and recommendations for artists if you wish to post in the community and have others find your images:

  • Make a clear title as to the type of pictures contained in the post and include “Hive Stock Photo” or "Hive Stock Images" as part of the title. For those searching, if they use this search term it should hopefully bring up these posts. Then they could add keywords for the type of image they're searching for.
  • Use the tag #hivestockimages so we have another way to find you post for indexing and archiving.
  • Compilation posts on a certain theme would be better than posting one picture at a time with that same theme.
  • On the other hand, a post with multiple pictures containing mixed themes may not be very helpful for those looking for something specific.
  • Add in your post what your requirements might be for people using you pictures. Do you want them to credit you or more specifically the post they sourced it from so others can find that or similar images? You can also state if you're willing to have authors contact you with special requests.
  • Try to stick to quality rather than quantity. You will develop a reputation on the images you're submitting and if to many low quality images keep appearing then prospective clients may avoid looking through your work to find the gems. We reserve the right to not include low quality images in the index, particularly as availability of choice expands.


I'm not big on rules, but I should probably make clear some that could cause problems if ignored:

Absolutely no plagiarising! Be upfront about your images. The preference is that they are entirely your own, but if you have created something new from a royalty free stock image let people know that this is what you've done rather than claiming it as entirely your own.

For photos which include recognisable people, make sure you have permission, preferably model release forms, from those depicted to use their image. Be especially thorough when it comes to minors.

There is a possible infringement of copyright for registered brand names and logos, so these should not be visible in photos offered up for stock use.


For those wishing to use the images of creators and photographers posting in this community, consider making their creator a beneficiary recipient of your post. Look through what the artists have on offer and credit or source the images as requested in their post.

This post will remain pinned in the community and any updates will be added. If you have questions or suggestions, please make them in the comments.

This is all done on a voluntary basis, to provide a meeting place between creators and authors. The community can't make any guarantees, just offer this opportunity.

The image used in this post was created by @sitaru and you can find it along with others here. @sitaru will be 10% beneficiary of this post in gratitude for the creation of these logos for the Hive community.


This is a great idea!! Yes, the people creating images and icons for our use to create income should be rewarded. And what a NICE way to engage and offer growing, and regular rewards to our talented image makers!!

Is there a requests-suggestions list?

May I go first and suggest a series of FACES to highlight EMOTIONS - happy, furious, rolled eyes etc. Also feelings like relaxation, calm, anxiety etc.

Great to see you branching out and supporting this great tendril in the #Hive @minismallholding!! Kudos!!


@worldcapture and @photofeed - someone heard us talking!!! 😍

Saw this FIRST on twitter by the way!! 😆

And I'm still trying to figure Twitter out! I guess I made something work. 🤣

Oh wow! That's awesome news! Thanks for mentioning me @artemislives - I probably would have missed it 😄

I was just thinking about that sort of thing. Perhaps a post I can pin which lists things that people are particularly requesting and maybe even one to link posts with certain genres.

Faces are a GREAT idea!! Maybe a future post could make category suggestions? I know I'll be big on the flowers and nature, but I'm not that great at landscapes or faces - but people like @derangedvisions and other great photographers are.

It s a good suggestion to add with faces pictures and emotions.
Super great 😤


I made a reddit post about this group. It's a good project to onboard people so i figured its a good idea.

Thank you. That's a really good idea. I've linked the announcement on Twitter, but I don't exactly have a bustling account! 😅

That's a good idea!!!

Excellent idea! I recommend we use tags. The search engine kinda sucks and might not pick up the titles. I used the tag #publicdomain I've actually marked some of my posts as public domain but no one used them. Cant believe I didnt think of a community! 😂 Love the group.

@phototoken check this out.

great idea for a community! We will think about rewarding stock photo posters somehow.

I was wondering about a tag too, the only issue is that you can't narrow down the search very well from there as you can only look under one tag at a time, so all posts will have to be trawled through. With a search you can also add in other keywords for genre. I'm thinking of pinning a kind of index post where I can list links to the posts under different genres for an easier way to narrow a search down a bit.

Feel free to crosspost some of your other posts or let me know and I'll crosspost them with the hive-118554 account.

I think the index post is a brilliant idea.

Maybe if users posted in other communities, but had a 'badge' at the bottom of the post or a footer that said 'these images are free to be used in the HIVE community' - and then shoot that as a DM to you - you could 'archive' the posts under key word headings in weekly curation or fortnightly curation? Not a busy curation - just an archived list with subheadings.

It would be easier for me to index if they're in the community, that way I can just go through the posts there each week rather than trying to find them all and risk missing them. By all means people are welcome to post wherever, it would just miss out on them being in one place.

That's true. Perhaps they could drop their post under the last curation post if they want their images to be archived?

@minismallholding maybe encouraging people to use the tag #stockimages or #royaltyfree?

Hey @minismallholding.

Honestly speaking I tried to start this idea while ago when still at steemit and moving it to HIVE too and here is one of the last posts made about 3 months ago: https://hive.blog/hive-148441/@axeman/editorial-use-photography-for-hive-update-027-macro-flowers-10-photos

The total images bank (as per link inside the post) by now counts 318 images. However, at the end there were no any major interest or support from community at all, so this idea was (maybe temporarily) frozen

Great idea.

@good-karma, is there anyway hivesearcher could be pointed to a community for hive-public images? I think this could be a great use for the hivesearcher project.

Searching within community is already possible, but searching by image metadata would be super cool. It will require some complex image processing, we will see how viable it is in future.

Searching within community is already possible,

Oh, I see that now on peakd. I have been using the actual interface on hivesearcher.com so I didn't think about going to the actual community.

Would you also be able to search within a tag? Like maybe #royaltyfree? So I could search for a picture of a rose under royaltyfree or something like that.

Thank you.

That would be so good to have the ability to search within a community.

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I like this concept; plenty of very generous hivers spend their time and talents making cool images, dividers etc.

Indeed they do. It's quite time consuming for them too.

 2 months ago (edited)

@bearone does some lovely stuff. Bearone, FYI :)

the idea is great, i thought about it long time ago, that no one tryied to make something like this. but i feel it needs some kind of front end for it, as the search option currently will make it a bit hard to be really useful.

I agree, that would likely be a better option, but not within my limited talents. I'll try and do what I can the old fashioned way, though. An index post is on the agenda, now that we can update old posts.

Whattt an idea...👌 ....may be that be thats why wecan say it is a place of genius mind....having own community and appreciating someone work is well thought process....looking forward to it..hope to get more images that we think as we have too many photographers who can shoot anything beautifully

We have some amazing photographers here! So much talent.

And we can have a best of them all at one place ...

Great - I upload my wildlife images on Stock websites and always looking some stock image tribe on the hive.

Really look forward to seeing your work. 👍

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Brilliant idea!!!!! Love it.

I hope we get some takers. It would be lovely to see people sourcing to Hive users instead of Pixabay.

keep spreading the word! Maybe some post spam in the form of generic comments?

Cool idea!

Great idea.😍

Very great and wonderful initiative, I will soon first take a look on the library before going on Pixabay now, it's cool 😊
Have a nice weekend, hugs

I certainly hope it will come in use.

That is a great idea. I am not a great photographer, I do like to take photos of flowers most of the time. I just like photos and art.

Flowers seems to be a popular area! 😆 I might need to make a separate index for them.