Types orchids that are Easy to Care for and Diligent in Flowering "Dendrobium Orchid"

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Dendrobium is derived from the Greek words, namely dendron which means tree, and bios which means life.

So we can conclude Dendrobium is a plant that lives in trees, even though in certain places where there are no trees, Dendrobium orchids can also grow on rocky cliffs, on soil and sand.

Actually, there are many types of orchids that you can recognize and know, including cattleya, dendrobium, grammatophylum, oncidium, phalaenopsis (moon orchid), spathyphyllum (soil orchid), and vanda (cut orchid) but among the types of orchids I have mentioned above, the type of orchid Dendrobium is the most popular because of its easy maintenance and also of course diligent flowering.

although I only show two types of dendrobium orchids in the picture, but what we must all know is that there are thousands of dendrobiums scattered in this world.

And maybe the number of species will continue to grow,this is because the dendrobium orchid is easy to cross.

One type of crossbreeding orchid is Dendrobium enobi as shown below.

Dendrobium Hybrid, Enobi Purple Splash








There are two types of dendrobium, namely species and hybrids (crossed). and in the picture above it is a type of hybrid orchid.

Pigeon Orchid (Dendrobium crumenatum)

One type of dendrobium orchid is the crumenatum or often called the pigeon orchid, because this orchid is similar to a dove.

The advantage of this orchid is that it can live anywhere and of course in the tropics and subtropics.








The specialty of the Pigeon Orchid is that it has flowers with white sepals and petals with a tongue shape, these flowers vary and have a white color with a slightly yellowish color. Pigeon orchids have very fragrant flowers, especially in the morning, a slight weakness of the pigeon orchid is that usually the flowers can only last a day.

Friends, all in caring for dendrodium, of course in nature he has enemies such as insect troops, namely lice, caterpillars, and fungi. To overcome this, all we have to do is spray insecticide regularly once every two weeks, or at least once a month.

Those are the two types of dendrobium among thousands of species on earth that I show this time, and one of them is the result of crossbreeding, namely dendrodium enobi, sorry if there are errors in writing, see you again in the next post.



That's a lovely orchid. I haven't tried to plant one, but I now thinking of planting once I got home next month.

By the way, the white one, is it also an orchid?

You can try it, try not to be exposed to direct sunlight.

Thanks for the advice.