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Zephyranthes Vs Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

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For our meeting this time I will try to show some pictures of white flowers, namely rain lilies and hibiscus flowers, that's what the two flowers are called in my place.

Rain lilies (Zephyranthes)

This flower is one of the flowers that is considered an incarnation of a god by the ancient Greeks, the growth of this flower is very easy and does not require special care, I planted this flower in my yard, even though I did not water it regularly but this flower can still live well.

Usually these rain lilies will flower during the rainy season, and rarely bloom when it doesn't rain, maybe that's why these flowers are called rain lilies.






Hibiscus rosa-sinensis

Hibiscus flowers are widely used as ornamental plants because the flowers are beautiful and there are several colors of hibiscus flowers that happen to be in my place is white, One of the unique things about this flower is that the flowers are used to polish shoes by people in India.

The characteristics of hibiscus flowers include a long cylindrical shape on the flower surrounded by oval-shaped pollen stalks that we can see like scattered pollen, Hibiscus seeds are contained in a fruit shaped like a capsule.

The hibiscus plant in my place has two functions, besides being used as an ornamental plant, it is also a hedge plant.







Stock images lovers, that's the beauty of the stunning white color from me in this post, I'm sorry if there are errors in writing and also in the explanation I give, thank you.



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