Stock Images: Still Life and Donut Delights

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I've talked about donuts from someone far away, on my previous blog.

A Box of Happiness from Over 20 KM Distance

I decided to create stock images for Hive users using them, to illustrate lifestyle and food related articles.


Pastel Vibes and Minimalist

I like to create images using a background like this. We also often see the concept of images like this on Unsplash or other stock photo platforms.

The photo concept that I present is about minimalist photos. I use a solid background in pastel colors to impress a feeling of delight, and it's simple.


The various toppings on the donuts are also perfect for conveying the "pastel vibes" side.

The addition of a cup of coffee, and cutlery to show a still life impression in this photo series.

The Story Behind the Shooting Session

Unfortunately, I have a photo background that is neither water-resistant nor oil resistant. So I have to think about how the donuts won't contaminate my photo background.

Initially, I wanted there to be no barrier between the donuts and the photo background. But because of the problem of oil and water, in the end, I failed to fulfill this desire.


I used additional cloth and also plates. Not the best minimalist photo in my opinion. But I love to feel the joy that bright souvenirs share from the donuts and from the background itself.

Enjoy my stock images.

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Anggrek Lestari.

Anggrek Lestari.jpg

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Your food photography is so delightful to look at. I love the colors of donuts you incorporated. Even though you couldn’t have the solid background as you wished it still works pretty well with the fabric.

Nice work and thank you for making it available for other Hivers to use :)

Pastel colors always make photography result is eye-catching.

Thank you so much for your kind words ❤️


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wow... kelihatannya enak sekali donaknya....

Iya emang enak kawan ehehe. Salam

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