Sing and play week 112

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Dear music lovers

This fun music project is aimed at all music lovers, musicians and non-musicians.

In order to promote this fun music project, now you can create two posts, one official and one unofficial. You will still get 3 HIVE or 3 STEEM (prizes can vary) even if you create two posts. You need to add the words "unofficial entry" in your title only if you create a second post.

Join us on Hive or Steemit!

This is Sing and play week 112.

A big thank you goes to @mariluna for taking part in Sing and play week 111.

@mariluna, you received 5 STEEM and this is your entry. Thank you for taking part in this fun music project every week!

How to enter:

Write a post on any platform or community that you like but don't forget to share your link and video here as a comment.

Title: Sing and play week 112 followed by "my entry" and "@yourusername"

You will need to write a post by next Saturday.

Each participant will receive 3 HIVE or 3 STEEM. Prizes can vary.

You will not need to share your link here if you write your post on

Please feel free to leave a comment and thank you for stopping by!


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