Keep fit and have fun week 48 - How to enter

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Dear fitness lovers

Let's keep fit and have fun!

Keep fit and have fun week 48 starts today.

Prizes will be given away in STEEM.

One entry per person only.

These are the nice entries starting from the earliest to the latest submission.

@Mariluna. You received 3.5 STEEM. Thank you for sharing your fitness video! Here is your entry,

@cesar24. You received 3.5 STEEM. Thank you for taking part in this fitness project! Nice song choice! Here is your entry,

@josesalazar200. You received 3.5 STEEM. Thank you for taking part in this fitness project! Here is your entry,

I do not encourage to perform crazy stunts and I'm not responsible for any accidents or injuries.
Be careful, don't injure yourself and you are responsible for your own actions. Don't share videos of people getting hurt as a result of an exercise.

Prizes can vary between 3 and 5 STEEM.

It's good to promote fitness and if you have funds in your Steemit wallet perhaps you want to create your own fitness project.
If you like to exercise then create a new post for your Steemit page. You are very welcome to take part in this fitness project.

Please don't forget to share your entry post here as a comment.

Just share a video of you doing something cool (handstand, handstand walks, abs exercises, planche, elbow lever or just a simple fitness routine or moves).

How to enter:

You have to post your fitness video by Saturday 23/01/21 but the sooner the better.
Fitness videos should be at least 30 seconds long. Promo videos that don't qualify for prizes can be of any length.

Write a post along with your fitness video and a description but the title must contain "Keep fit and have fun week 48" and use "fitness" as the first tag. Don't forget to add your post Url below here as a comment.

Alternatively just share your fitness video here as a comment!

Don't forget to upvote this post!
If you are not interested in entering this fitness project but you still like to help, please resteem this post.
Thank you for sharing your fitness videos!


Make sure you share your fitness video and not somebody else's to take part in this fitness project but if you like to promote this project and you don't have a video of yourself exercising, you can share somebody else's video.
In the title, you will need to write: "Keep fit and have fun week... - This is not my video".
You won't receive any prize if you share somebody else's video but maybe other fitness lovers can find it interesting and upvote your post.


Un saludo mi amigo querido, que lindo es verlo por acá!

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