Hive dance contest week 17

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Dear dance lovers

This fun dance contest is running since Hive blockchain started. I'm using the word "Hive" in front of "Dance contest" because I'm creating this weekly post on Hive.
I run the longest-running dance project on any blockchain and this is the latest link,

I like to dance and play music. This is the way I relax and especially in difficult times.

Watching somebody dancing can make you happier.

That's why I'm suggesting this new dance project.

Since Hive blockchain is new, I'm not sure what I'm going to give away as prizes. Maybe you don't care much about prizes if you take part in this dance project because you love dancing.

Prizes can vary.

How to enter:

I want to keep it simple.

  1. Share your dance video here as a comment. Feel free to write a description. Your dance video should be at least one minute long.

  2. You have to post your dance video by Thursday, 16/07/20.

Write a post on any communities.

Title of the post: Hive Dance contest week 17.
Share your link and your dance video here as a comment.

@mariluna thank you for taking part in Dance contest week 16. You receive 5 HIVE.

Thank you for reading and please feel free to leave a comment!


I have time for participate in the contest?

Yes, of course.

To find out more about other dance and music projects that I organise, please visit,

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