I'm KLYE, Degenerate MS-Paint Dick Drawer, Self Taught Developer and HIVE Witness... AMA

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Hail all, I'm KLYE. If you don't know who I am already from my over 4 years between HIVE and the old chain then you haven't been paying fucking attention. Before continuing with this AMA I request that you take a look at my art portfolio by clicking on the link listed below.. (WARNING: Tons of NSFW art)

The Legendary KLYE Art Portfolio

On top of drawing a metric ton of dank MS-Paint dicks I'm also a software developer.. Been coding since I was a young lad but only recently in the past few years started to do it in an attempt to prosper.

I built a site called Hive-Roller.com which is a provably fair 1% house edge dice game that offers community bankroll offering up to 99x multiplier on investment leverage. Come check the site out!

Anyways, lets fucking do this.. I am KLYE, Ask me anything!
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Yeah, and you used to be cool :/

Whoa what. I am thee coolest, hands down.

I was so dissappointed.

The moment you got successful, you stopped replying to my dms on steemit.chat, lol.

What would you try to change, if you became top witness again ?

If I became HIVE royalty would most certainly pace myself to avoid getting sick and burning out.. Also would attempt to get my HP up to a point where I could make peoples days with one upvote.

Debating on building a HIVE faucet here over the summer.. We'll see what happens I guess.

Didn't mean to come off as neglectful. The high that came with being top 10 of something in the world had a low just as severe.

Did you ask the Dutch dick drawing chick out?

Fuck, I forgot about her till you just mentioned it..

She's a hottie.. Probably to smart to fuck around with me though. :D

I don't expect her to fuck around with you Klye...I expect her to fuck you.

Uhh.. Like are we talking her or me getting penetrated? lmfao

Doesn't matter.

Good answer

Welcome to AMA community.

Do you have a fav. dick drawing you've done so far ?

Feel free to request and AMA or tag someone you would love to have an AMA. Thanks!

Let me show you the most sacrilegious shit I've ever drawn...


Image is slightly edited due to the cringey racial slurs that were present in the original. Was a lot less refined and more into shock art and word when I was young.. It's probably better slightly censored to be fair.

Lol you forgot to mention ripper of Justin Suns butthole in zoom chats but okay I guess that’s in the past now

My question, do you think smart contracts would be a good addition to HIVE?

While smart contracts are kind of a neat tool part of me thinks it is just kind of a bunch of hype.

Fair enough, lol but then again this blockchain, the amount of overhyped in this space is astronomical at times

Ok, Klye, here I presenteth my questions:

  1. When did you write your first program (year)?
  2. How old are you now?

I was writing programs in ActionScript (what old Flash used to run on) at around age 14 or so.. That and mIRCScript, which is probably a bit before your time.

Currently 31 years old I think.

I love your certainty. But klye I started programming in the womb. You're so late to the game ngl. 😂😂😂

How many different male models do you have for your dick art? Do you hire them through an agency?

Nah, he uses you as the model.

* crosses fingers *

Ohh.. Uh these are all my dicks.. From my own brain.

OMG! I can't believe I didn't realize that before. With the inbuilt random dick generator, PoK makes way more sense to me now as a cypher mechanism

lol. Today I learned my mind is a random dick generator.

Why do you draw so many selfies?

Because I'm a raging narcissist or something.. :D

Why dicks? Why not asses?

Because dicks are hilarious.

So are asses.

Dicks & asses perhaps ?



I like the addition of the hairs.

Testicle ass hairs.

When Dan Larimer first approached you about integrating Proof of Klye into the blockchain, how did you respond? Was it something you were already working on?

I actually inquired if his father Stan was retarded on the old chain like 2 days into joining.. Good times.

Lol'd 😆

What would you do if BTC actually reaches $1Million by 2026 like the S2F model (and Millenials reaching their prime income and investing years) suggests?

I'd cry a little bit for sure.. Hopefully I'm debt free and have a BTC or two kicking around before this happens.

I hope it does!

Ummmm when did you start drawing dick art? 🤔

Also, can I have your winter wife unit?

Hmm.. Holy fuck... Would be around 2014 or so when I started drawing people on MS-paint in order to make a living. And I mean.. We're in an open and transparent relationship so have at her.

You are still making a living this way nothing has changed?

Thank you. I'll work on your wife unit xD

Barely making a living at the moment.. Winter was long and hard..

Am up for art commissions or freelance programming work.

Also change your god damn account creation cost so I can vote for your witness again. DICK.

The 69 account creation fee is symbolic and has no effect on raising the account creation fee at all. I believe it averages all of the prices out.. And seeing how majority is at 3 HIVE that is likely what the fee is.

Go vote for my witness or I'll send you to the gulags!

I understand it has no effect right now, but come on, make it something reasonable. How about 6.9? I support account fees under 10.

It rounds it on HiveBlocks.com I believe.

It's set to 69 because my missed blocks are 420.. So with 420 & 69 in my witness settings am basically swag af.

Ur legally not allowed to miss any more blocks. Understood?

Yeah.. Missing a block and wrecking my perfect 420 score keeps me up at night.

I expect you to have the best server with redundant connections to ensure that your server stays at 420 missed blocks.

I've got a Privex.io server. They are top notch.

why only dicks and not vaginas? dont you like them?

Vaginas are weird, and harder to draw... Less of a hilarity factor as well.

How many hats do you own?

Used to only wear toques but have since then phased that out for a collection of 3 hats.

One is a Mandalorian Symbol, One is the Umbrella Corp and the last one is a Golden Tri-dorce.. Am a nerd.

A hat nerd! Do you always go out with a hat or is it a special occasion type of thing?

Generally if I go out I'm on my motorcycle so no hat..

Not really a special occasion thing though.. More just to cover up the mess of hair I have.

You then seem to hide the mess of hair either under a hat or under a helmet. It's a smart way of hiding the bad hair days young man.

When you draw dicks, who's dick comes to your mind?


No one in particular. Drawing dicks is just second nature at this point, been practicing for years doing so.

Have you ever put your dick on a piece of paper and traced it with a pencil?

Cannot say I have done this sadly.

That's next level dick art realism.