Lightning Technical Analysis of LEO |Today officially listed at UNISWAP

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This is a really quick analysis of what is the price of LEO, I wanted to make this post, to keep the community informed of the current movement that has the current price of LEO, as most should know today is official listing in UNISWAP as scheduled, according to the following post you can consult giving CLICK HERE

Technical Analysis | LEO 23/09/2020


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According to my latest analysis, which you can see HERE, the price of LEO made a significant break in the established price level, which at that time formed a very clear "Upward Triangle". Now according to this reaction that has had the price referring to everything that is currently happening around LEO and its updates, LEO could get to be in the 0.15$, current price of what is HIVE at this moment.

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Really LEOFINANCE has a lot of potential to grow even more than HIVE itself, it is a project with a really high scope and with many alternatives to keep its economy diverse and interesting for any investor I know of financial issues, in this sense, it seems to me that the price could reach new highs very soon, making a pullback to the top of the triangle and looking for that last point reached by the LEO, about 1.09 HIVE for every 1 LEO, which is its current record high and in my opinion is very close to reach.



Undoubtedly, I firmly believe that the price can go up more, of course this is not a direct recommendation of investment, I invite you to make your own analysis or if you like we can do it together at any time, since part of my work is based on investment of this kind, but undoubtedly there is a very bright future for LEO and I want to be in the support 100% to the platform and the work being done on it.


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