Two beautiful insects on a flower plant

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Hello my dear #Hive friends.
Hopefully everyone will be in good health and always be successful.
Come back with me on this wonderful opportunity to post about Photography.

In this time I will post about two insects on a flower plant, they are fun to play and very tame.
When I approached them, they were not afraid of me.

And I don't mean to disturb their fun either, I just took some pictures of them with my android camera.
They are on top of a small plant in a small forest, this plant flowers and you can see the flowers are very small and beautiful.

This insect is like a small wasp or red ant, but it has wings like a normal wasp and can fly, maybe it has a little venom like a wasp, and I didn't feel scared when I took some of the pictures because they didn't look like they wanted to do anything dangerous.

Hopefully friends also like my post.

* Insects *

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* Insects *

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* Insects *

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* Insects *

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* Insects *

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All of these images I took using.
Camera: Oppo F5 Ram 6 Edge.
Lens: Oppo F5.
Category: Insects.
Photographer: @jasonmunapasee.
Location: North Aceh, Indonesia.
Thank you.

By @jasonmunapasee.

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