The unique plant : creeping jenny the ordinary flower but seen so beutyfull

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Seen from anywhere this plant so unique right?. The plant names is creeping Jenny, or people known moneywort and lysimachia. This plant so famous in gardeners because the flower being easy to plant. This plant is one of primulaceae family. Creeping is the way how this plant growing up, and it's life in moist place.This plant that gift the feast in the eyes evidently grow in the place that easy to find. The plant can life in any place that moistly, whether it's on the river rocks, moist garden soil, or around the pool.


In ornamental plant collector eyes this plant known as a flower. Couse it's seen like the flower, the creep so being interested and the greens that shown so beutyfull.

This plant grow up so fast when you put it on the sun shine, but keep the soil still moistly. There is something that you must know, the plant being easy to plant, but you have to sure if you plant it on the soil only you must to keep the growing of plant, couse it's creep very fast so you have push the growing. In my opinion you have to put it on the flowerpot and it's must been hanging in order to we not been fatigue to plant.

There is one more you have know is the different between creeping Jenny and creeping Charlie. You can see in the leaf, and the stem. Couse the creeping Jenny have the small leaf and creeping Charlie is not, and than the creeping charlie have the stem been one with the leaf but creeping Jenny is not.


Very interesting right?. So you have to plant it if you as a flower collectors.