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For those of you who sit while discussing, you are great people, you are a potential leader who might be able to lead this country, because our country needs great people who always think about this country, discussion is one of the things that talk about science- science or knowledge or even about life which will ultimately provide a good and correct sense of understanding, discussion can be anything and any topic, from these topics and discussions the discussion develops and is discussed so that in the end it will produce an understanding of the discussion. __________________________________________



In fact the people would be more happy if youths who smoke but while discussing and thinking about this country, rather than nerdy youths who only think about themselves, because why read so many books if your mouth is silent, because this country needs people who will change. this nation is becoming more advanced. __________________________________________



__________________________________________ Because youth is the hope of the nation, from now on, it is hoped that youths can continue this nation to advance this country so that it can become a just, prosperous and prosperous country, therefore discussion is the most important way because with discussions the youth can open their horizons. so that an idea arises on the problems of this country so that the solution needed by the country will emerge so that this nation will advance.


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