the tradition of gotong royong

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Gotong royong is a cultural tradition of the people in Indonesia, this is a community activity to help one another, actually the principle of mutual cooperation is working together between communities to do something so that certain goals can be achieved, this principle has been carried out from generation to generation in Indonesia. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ This is a tradition that is categorized as a positive activity because with this activity the community becomes a unity so that there will be a good reaction between people so that people care about others according to the concept of morality. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ As a result of this mutual cooperation tradition, the viewpoint of people outside Indonesia has emerged that the nature of Indonesian society is that of caring for others who are ready to help one another in order to create a harmonious society so that other nations participate in following the traditions of the Indonesian nation so that the world is better in terms of morality to care. towards each other.