the reason people go to the beach

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Many people who carry out activities every day, many places visited, a lot of time is spent and also many memories that everyone will remember through their minds and even their hearts, including on the beach, many people who spend their days on the beach to enjoying the twilight after a hard day to find sustenance in order to fulfill the necessities of life for the family at home. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ Even on weekends people go to the beach in the morning so they can enjoy their day off by playing with their families on the beach, people love the beach because the beach is a shady place even to break a chaotic mood because a partner or with a workplace or another beach is a place of escape so that their hearts are calm. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ It is not uncommon for people to go to the beach to recall memories that have happened that may not be repeated because of that people go to the beach to remember all those incidents and shed their tears while sad also sometimes smile when Memorable memories are good memories, therefore people really like going to the beach with their own reasons.


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