the benefits of listening

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Most people are happier when speaking and accentuating who they are than when someone is listening to other people. **The ability to listen is not owned by everyone**, because listening is something that everyone needs to have, because we live not only for ourselves but there are many people out there who need to be heard by others, even though hearing is just as important to learn like talking because research states that listening is part of the science of communication. If you want to be a great speaker, then you must also master good listening.

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Listening also means giving opportunities for other people to have an opinion when in a communication forum. By giving other people the opportunity to talk and you listen to their conversations well, it will create an atmosphere or environment that is creative and collaborative and is able to generate the potential of each individual. Likewise, when you talk and other people listen to you, the communication you make in a forum will become more lively.

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Because indeed being a good listener is the simplest way to help someone who is hit by sadness or distress that makes someone want to talk about his life, so it takes people who have a great way of listening so that the people who want to be heard are calmer when they issue their complaints, resulting in good communication which creates a community that cares for each other.


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