social interaction

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Human social activities always need other humans to carry out social interactions both in society and in nature, both fellow humans and animals, because humans are social beings who cannot live without the help of others, both financially, emotionally and also in communication, because it is a social concept. human. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ Social relations occur when two conditions are met with conditions, namely the occurrence of social contact and communication, for example conversation and face-to-face and certain touches that make social relations occur, Interaction is a reciprocal relationship, which affects each other, while words are attitudes social society as a social being that cannot be separated from other people. So every aspect of our life as humans, there must be social interactions that occur. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ Humans as social beings really need other people or it can be called social interactions that influence each other between humans and one another. Humans cannot be separated from social interactions because it is indeed human nature, which lasts for a lifetime in society.


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