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Scouting is a scouting movement in Indonesia, Scouting has an acronym, namely praja muda Karana which means a young soul at work, now Scouts have been done a lot in schools which have become a compulsory activity in schools in areas where In Indonesia, the scouting method is an interactive and progressive way of learning through activities in the form of interesting, fun, healthy, regular, directed, practical activities carried out in the open. ___________________________________________



___________________________________________ Scouting is a scouting education system that is adapted to the circumstances, interests and development of the community and the Indonesian nation, therefore in every school in several regions in Indonesia that already has adequate facilities and infrastructure, Scouts are required in these schools. ___________________________________________



___________________________________________ One of the benefits of Scouting is to teach us to train leadership and how to solve problems in the best possible way. And also the Scouts teach us discipline to keep all of our time in order to remain productive and not waste opportunities so that we become human beings who become role models for society and the country.


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