pour out-your heart

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As a human being, someone must have shared their outpouring with friends or their family, because telling outpouring is a natural psychological phenomenon that occurs in interpersonal relationships. Of course, in living everyday life, humans are not free from problems. As social beings, humans need other people to express their complaints. Broadly speaking, people usually pour out their hearts because there are three causes, namely first they want to find a solution, second they want recognition or a positive response, the third want to seek attention.



Humans need generosity so that someone feels relieved. In the process, the person who has an outpouring of heart will bring out all the sides that are in him. Not infrequently, the dark side that has been hidden so far will come out when someone pours out his heart. Therefore, people who hear when someone pours their heart out should have good listening skills so that the process of conveying one's outpouring can run optimally.



As emotional social creatures, humans will be happy if all sides of their personality are accepted and listened to by others. When someone's bad side is heard and understood by others, then humans will be happy and feel appreciated because in this way someone will strengthen interpersonal relationships with others because someone feels accepted, so that the emotional bond between two people gets stronger


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