one of the traditions in Aceh

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In Aceh, there are many cultural traditions that have been carried out for a very long time following the times, one of which is the tradition of the Prophet's birthday which was carried out in Aceh, which is a tradition from Arabic even though here it has become a separate culture for the people of Aceh, the tradition of the Prophet's birthday is a celebration that is carried out by Muslims in Aceh to commemorate the birthday of the prophet Muhammad. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ This tradition is carried out in Aceh at a different time from other regions, maybe in one area the implementation is faster and in another place the implementation is longer, what is special about this Prophet's birthday is the number of dishes served by the house owners to invited guests, because they feel that the day This maulid is a special day. _____________________________________________


_____________________________________________ And also what is special about this dish is the serving of traditional Acehnese food, namely Bu kulah, Bu kulah there is rice wrapped in banana leaves so that it creates a distinctive smell so that people really like this food and it has even become one of the favorite foods in Aceh.



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