nature and the knowledge in it

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Nature is something created by God that was created for not only humans, but also for other living things such as animals, plants and other living things, nature is also something that exists or is thought to exist by humans in this world. , so that nature is very much needed by living things, in essence nature can never be separated from humans as in other cases we need nature for recreation or to get away from the crowds due to tired life and surrounded by people who do not care about others. ___________________________________________



___________________________________________ Therefore nature is indispensable for every living thing, not only as a place to live but nature is also used as a place of learning to increase knowledge because nature has a lot of mysteries that must be researched because by studying nature we will become perfect living beings, therefore every living thing must be able to learn from nature. ___________________________________________



___________________________________________ With the existence of human nature to formulate how nature can be studied, namely by gathering knowledge and methods and to obtain this natural knowledge, Science develops rapidly, basically science develops from two main branches, namely natural philosophy which later becomes a cluster of sciences. natural sciences and moral philosophy which later developed into the social sciences, with the knowledge of nature we can study everything that exists in this universe.


Nice post about Nature 😋

Thanks bro

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