demonstrations in Jambi - student demands

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Unlike the previous demonstrations held in Jambi, students and workers took to the streets to demonstrate at the Jambi regional people's representative office and the Jambi governor's office, demonstrators staged a demonstration to reject the revision of the working copyright law that had been passed by the council. a few days ago, the representatives of the people of the Republic of Indonesia had to be revoked, because it was considered that there were many articles that were detrimental to society, especially workers and also the poor. _____________________________________________



The workers and students feel that if this law is not repealed, the workers' rights will be removed by the bureaucrats who control companies in Indonesia, especially foreign investors who will freely extract the produce of the land in Indonesia, as well as nature. existing in Indonesia will suffer damage along with the construction of companies, most of which will be built in forests, it will make Indonesian forests less if these companies are built. _____________________________________________



Therefore, the small community, laborers, environmental activists and even students took to the streets to hold large-scale demonstrations in parts of Indonesia so that the People's Representative Council of the Republic of Indonesia revoked the revised working copyright law that was passed a few days ago.