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On this day there have been massive demonstrations in many major cities in Indonesia, one of which is the city of Lhokseumawe, Aceh.

This action is one of the objections from students and workers about the work copyright bill drafted by the DPR, this bill has caused polemic in this country, because it is considered detrimental to the people, especially workers who are the biggest impact recipients, this bill.

very profitable for foreign investors, when foreign investors came only the clans of the bureaucrats who only benefited, while the proletariat was greatly disadvantaged, therefore the students took demonstrations so that the bill was repealed. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ The demonstrators gathered at the Lhokseumawe museum at 09.00 then the masses moved to the Rencong monument to perform a poetry musical drama, until 11.00 then the masses moved to the Lhokseumawe DPRK building, to give speeches, Until 15.00, indeed in this place there were many upheavals that occurred between Police officers as well as students, until at 16.00 the Lhokseumawe DPRK met the students and signed a statement rejecting this work copyright bill. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ For the fellow students in arms, keep the spirit, so that the people are not fooled by the government, and also so that the people will prosper, and build Indonesia to be even better.


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