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The demonstration that took place on 8 October 2020 happened peacefully in the city of Lhokseumawe, Aceh, the demonstrators wanted the Lhokseumawe DPRK to sign a statement stating that they firmly rejected the work copyright bill that was passed by the Indonesian Parliament in a hurry, so that students and workers and other elements of society refused until there were massive demonstrations. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ This action was carried out along the streets of Lhokseumawe, the students sang songs of student struggle, then continued with the reading of the student's oath, and continued with speeches in front of the DPRK Lhokseumawe office, then with the signing of a statement letter which was then sent to the center. _____________________________________________



_____________________________________________ Indeed, this time there are many polemics on how the draft work copyright bill that is passed is very beneficial to investors while the workers are even disadvantaged, this has triggered massive demonstrations in parts of Indonesia so that many have become victims of violence by the authorities, even public facilities were destroyed it even burned, hopefully with this demonstration the attitude of the DPR RI can quickly revoke the work copyright bill that has been passed.


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