Wished to get lost there

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I hope you're having a great day.

I'm publishing a single photo I captured that I liked a lot.
And here's my picture for today.


Original Photography

ModelRedmi Note 5
Exposure Time1/3374 Sec
ISO SpeedISO-100
Focal Length4 mm

About The Photo:

I hope you like it.

"The End"

"Be Good, Think Good and Do Good"

"Stay Home, Stay Safe & Let's Beat Corona".



yeaaa... it's a discord server where you'll find some nice and friendly peoples to talk.

No goats?
I will show you THE GOAT from my city in some days. Will take a photo next time am close to it.

No goats?

Peoples there are GOATS (GOAT=Greatest of All Time).

No. This is a goat. Our goat i our city.
thats a goat!
Keep on hiving! C U

aaahhhh... so thats a real goat.
that's really nice.

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Did you just tipu your own post?

Yes, dada.
tipu curators are allowed to do it in certain times.

Which times?

We have a self curation ratio and we only can self curate when the ratio is 10% or below than 10%.