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The Android One program should mean that updates are pretty quick and pain-free, but as some Xiaomi Mi A2 Lite owners are finding, the Android 10 update has been pretty painful all things considered.

According to various reports over on Reddit and Xiaomi’s own Mi Forum, the recent Android 10 update for the affordable Chinese smartphone is bricking devices. Xiaomi announced that the update was rolling out in a phased process, but many who installed the OS upgrade instantly reported issues (via Android Police).

This coincides with the issues experienced by Mi A3 owners, who had a myriad of issues with the recent Android 10 update for their devices — which led to Xiaomi pulling the OTA upgrade. It seems that similar issues are plaguing the Mi A2 Lite with the Android 10 update.

None of this bodes well for Xiaomi, as they have an obligation with devices being part Google’s Android One program to ensure that updates are smooth and issue free. One of the only portions of good news here is that this update was only sent to a sub-set of Mi A2 Lite devices. That means that while the problems are widespread among those that have received the Android 10 update, not all devices are affected.

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