Pepperheadroseph How To Repair Salsa Verde 05222020

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This is a weird video because as I discovered my audio was bad during the broadcast. An old problem with my phone's video microphone capability. The issues doesn't seems to be affecting my GarageBand recordings.

This video started out as a live broadcast on FakeBook and then I edited it later with iMovie. It took too long. The process ate up more time than I expected. It all does. I don't know how some pump out so much content.

The music in the video comes from:

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I definitely know of other content creators that do voice over to their videos if the audio got jacked up.

You could be funny and have a little window in a corner looking like you are reading from a book.

That's good to know. The narration function in iMovie saved me. It's better than trashing an entire project.

Narration style felt too easy and I didn't like it at first. Yet, I look at it later, and I like it. I like the candidness.
Maybe I'll anticipate it for future vids... silent film/mime... ChaplinHedroseph! :)

Add a narrator in a little window would be fun. Sounds tricky... might need a script... that's pro... hmm. Reaction narrator would be funny. (I always was a distant fan of Mystery Science Theater.)

Whatever you choose to do man. I'm sure it'll be good. :)