Girl's Apology

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"I have baked you a cake to apologize for setting your car on fire..."

"You have done what??"

"Backed a cake for you."

😌 sometimes it's good to be a girl and to be able to bake

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Here the CO2fund project on Hive I like and support πŸ‘‡ Just have a look...


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Thank you @peekbit, for using the CO2 Compensation Coin (COCO / SWAP.COCO) on Steem-Engine or on Hive-Engine to reduce your CO2 footprint. You want to join? Buy some COCO / SWAP.COCO and transfer them to CO2Fund's account @co2fund.

Upvoted to thank you @peekbit for supporting the CO2Fund by, e.g., supporting posts, banner presentation, SP/HP delegation, dustsweeper gifts, helpful tools, etc.