Women of the Bible... Who are You? - Part 4

Today, I am going to be writing about Hagar, the maidservant of Sarah. There is nothing much about her but we can still learn somethings from her.


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Hagar - Genesis 16

Hagar was given to Abraham by Sarah her master being the wife of Abraham and unable to conceive, she wanted her maidservant to bear a child for her husband. It was so and Hagar gave birth to Ishmael but she later despises Sarah because she could bear a son.

She was sent away with her son and later find favour with God in the wilderness. God did not let her son die. Though she had been chosen by her master, her fruit was not the covenant child for Abraham. Maybe she would have gotten a space in Abraham's tent if she had not become arrogant but she later repented and got God's promises on her son as he was also Abraham's son.

What to Learn from Hagar

  • She was a maidservant with privileges but later lost it through her arrogancy. We should learn to take every opportunity as a blessing but not to go against others or our helpers.
  • She forgot her helper and despises her. We should always be grateful for everything and to our helpers.
  • Repenting for sin can rekindle the favour of God just like the Lord sent his angel to Hagar in the wilderness and made a promise for her son's life.
  • We can never acquire other's blessings no matter what the circumstances may be. We should always seek God's face for the right path.

There is always a covenant on our lives and it's our duties to know God's plan for our lives and fulfil them. As a Christian, appreciating others help with God intention should be one of our watchwords.

God bless you.

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26th March, 2020.
Sister Oluwaseyi