The Frame.

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Man is nothing without control and when you find one heading the wrong way, he most definitely has lost his way or just lacks the ability to apply the control mechanism to keep him within his frame.
Often time, we hear people say or we might have said, "he/I is/am not in the right frame of mind," because we see something going terribly wrong.
The frame is more than just something that is within the mind, it is more structured to help us advance in the right direction.


God put us in a frame?

No man created themselves. We are all created by God Almighty the one who was not created and he made sure to make everything beautiful.
If the birds, the beasts of the fields, the stars, moon, sun and everything that makes up the other parts of the world are created to function distinctively, don't you think you were created differently and even better?

The Bible tells us stories of individuals who when they strayed form their goals, they were returned back in such a way that makes you agree that, you cannot escape your destiny no matter how hard you try.

You will never walk out of your frame.

Jonah will be the example I will use to drive home this point. Feel free to use yourself if you can relate.

  • God asked Jonah to proceed to Nineveh but because he felt he could stay outside his frame, he decided to head in the opposite direction having no idea he can never run out of his frame.

As the story goes, the boat he was on soon faced challenges and everything the men did to save the boat failed. So Jonah confessed to knowing what was wrong and without thinking for long, the men cast him into the sea where a big fish swallowed him.

He was in the belly of the fish for 3 days where he repented of his sins and praised God with a resolve to proceed to Nineveh should he get a second chance.
3 days later, the fish "safely dropped" him off the shores of Nineveh and he proceeded to do God's work.- The book of Jonah.

From the story, you will see that God intended for Jonah to preach to the people of Nineveh and bring them to repentance. But Jonah had his own plans, he didn't feel Nineveh was the right fit for him as a prophet, so he decided to go to where he will be recognized and respected.

In life, we get carried away with what people think about us and try to fit into their sizing of us. No one lives outside their frame.
Just like the spectacles/eye glasses, they are cut particularly for a choaen frame and if you take them away from that frame, it won't fit.

God the master porter, created us all for unique purposes and He put in place a frame to allow us always find our way back to where we are meant to be.

The time may be wrong, you may be failing at what you know best to do but never give up. You will not finish outside your frame.
The process of living is hinged to how man is able to use his time and how well he understands that, though it may seem like he is alone there is One who never sleeps nor leaves him to be alone.

Don't try to break your frame,stay within it and you will end up well.
You may be tossed up, down and sideways but never forget that the fall down or push sideways isn't infinite, you still return back to your starting point for a chance at doing it all over again.

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God knows the best for our lives and we just have to walk in the path of love and things will be beautiful in God's time.

Walking on God's laid out path makes things easy for a man because, he gets better understanding of his placement in life.

Stay Awesome!

You are right and it also helps to understand the mind of God and do things better to please him.

I choose to stay within my frame. Great read! The story of Jonah showcases to us that indeed many are the plans of a man but God's plan shall always prevail. I also realize that its a wastage of time to try getting out of God's frame. May God help me to be what I am supposed to be and to do what he wants me to do. The word of God must be fulfilled in my life.

Thanks so much, bro for the blessing released to us this day.

God's plan always works ahead of man's. Being able to understand where you stand is key to being happy despite the issues that may arise.

We all should seek to be the better version of ourselves while never forgetting that, the challenges can never push us outside the frame.

Stay Awesome!

That's true.