A living watercolour: A heron on our beach | Vlog | Some Autumn flowers

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I've thought I might try more daily vlogs

in that I've set my video schedule for three proper edited videos a week, on Mon Wed and Fridays, but

why not just grab the camera and do a quick Vlog?

Today I wanted to show how often my view is like a living painting.

We have blue herons and snowy egrets that fish our beach every Summer

but I'm often not quick enough to capture them on film. Today, this solitary fellow in the still water with our big rocks just seemed to be a Japanese Print in motion.

And I know it's still Summer but I can't help but thing of Autumn flowers

so yeah I'll yammer a bit on that.

For those of you video makers

how do you decide your schedule? Do you feel it is better to post more often? Or is less video but MORE edited and better produced the way to go?

In today's visual instantaneous world

it's hard not to think that simply pointing, shooting, and talking is the new norm? What do you think?

Well, I hope all have a lovely day, and I'll see you around the video and blogoshpere :) Subscribe, Like, share and all that good stuff.

Donna Davis is an Artist who is making over the family home sat on three acres on the Sea on Cape Cod. Trying to Live small in the big house to focus on creativity and accomplishment , why not join us for a cup of tea and a chin wag on the terrace. We'll go beach combing, scour our wood or gardening by the sea all to garner inspiration to live a creative life.

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There's audiences for everything :) If it's not a music video I actually have to watch it if I want to understand anything (can't do what everyone else does and have it playing in the background while doing something else because the amount of concentration to required to pay attention is distracting), and on the making side of things I generally prefer to do less videos with more work (because I've made so many videos lately). But I do that with everything so I probably don't count XD

I have friends that prefer the ease and simplicity of vlogging because it's a lot less intensive and they enjoy that process more than the hardcore editing process.

Dabble around and see what you enjoy more :)

Or see what gets you more traction if that's more your thing XD

Great advice @ryivhnn !