Jan Babies of 2020

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The January babies have done it again. I know last year a post about how a few of us (Jan babies) got together and decided that we will come to celebrate our birthdays together. The reason being, us Jan babies don't always have our birthdays celebrated. Either everyone is busy settling down and getting pass their New Year hangover or everyone is already preparing for Chinese New Year which usually falls end of Jan/early February.

However, I'm grateful that this year, a friend of mine threw me a birthday lunch and so this year's 'Jan babies celebration' was just a tradition that we will continue doing. You know... just to pamper ourselves.

We've decided to try out a Japanese BBQ on the top floor of Lot 10. A building right smack in the heart of KL City. The long-awaited 'best cheesecake place' was just next to this restaurant as well. A lot of us have been DYING to visit this cheesecake shop because it was rated the best in town but first, we have to eat.

We've booked a Japanese BBQ place called Yakiniku Toraji which serves one of the finest beef cuts.

beef tongue

One of my friends used to be a chef at restaurants so she knew how to BBQ the meat just nice for us. Medium raw! Yes, you don't eat beef well done. It has to be medium raw accompanied with some wine or alcohol. The food was really good. The beef melted in our mouth like butter. It was comparably close to the best steak I've eaten. The only downside was a bad service. Who knew that it did turn down the heat of our birthday celebration a little just because they forgot to serve many of our orders. After that, we've finally decided to move to our next destination, the best cheesecake in town!

The place had a really nice ambiance and definitely a good place for dates who loves a sweet tooth. Cozy with low dim warm lights and comfortable chairs. I was preparing my wallet to pay a hefty price for a setting like this but to my surprise, the desserts were pretty cheap with a setting like that. RM20(5 USD) for their signature cheesecake is not expensive at all.

6th Avenue Signature Cheesecake

Matcha Cheesecake

Strawberry Parfait

and my birthday present

Okay, that last one is not a dessert. It's a nice little present from my friend. A roller massager.

I really enjoyed my night out with this bunch. I don't often get to meet them and for some, I've almost lost touch with some of them because when work-life comes into play, we all have our different paths. Not to mention, I stay at the other end of KL, about 30 minutes' drive without traffic so it's not like every day we get to meet. To be honest, I do miss them and I would probably try to have more meetups with them more frequently this year.

Over the years I tend to have friends who just come and go but I realized that a few are always there to stay. Though sometimes my bad habit of not 'following up' with some of them has cost me some friends but I will try this year to put in more effort to maintain these valuable friendships. Truth be told, I choose friends because not all friends will treat you or will matter to you more than others. I'll probably up my effort in keeping people who matter, like this bunch here.

Have a great week ahead!


Thank You

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What a happy celebration! It’s so nice to see old friends even if you only touch base once in awhile.
🎂 Happy Birthday Wishes! 🎉

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Looks like a nice, new annual tradition for you and friends. Sorry, but I'm kind of edgy on the tongue, lol. The cheesecake however... mmmm! The spikes on the massage roller look kind of savage! :)

Happy happy birthday January baby, all that food looks absolutely scrumptious! I had a December & a January baby so know what you mean, both these months are way too busy and the celebrations are overshadowed by Christmas and the new year! Wishing you a wonderful year ahead:)

Nice. Food looks good and I'm wondering if it's an eat all you can Japanese BBQ restaurant.

Hope you had a great day and a brilliant new year ahead @zord189

Those of us born in January before payday, normally allow our birthday to go quietly by. Majority are still recovering from Christmas, or financially trying to find their feet in the first month of the new year.

Good to see you went out celebrating with friends you have not seen for awhile, makes it all the more fun.

That looks like a very memorable gathering of the "Jan babies" @zord189. All of the food looks very appealing, but I would imagine just "icing on the cake" of the time of fellowship and friendship shared amongst all of you.

Thanks for sharing the special memory!

P.S. If not imposing on your privacy preferences, where is "KL City"?

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Ok FOOD again, second i love the cheesecakes OMG matcha taste i am mouthwatering and the present ehhhhhhh a roller?

My middle son's birthday is in January too! He's always bemoaning that he feels put out because it's so soon after Christmas and he doesn't get as many presents. :)

Happy Birthday! What a perfect birthday @zord189! This restaurant is beautiful and the food definitely 5-star! :) Great group of friends!

Looks like the Jan babies had a great time pampering themselves! The food photos are awesome!

That is such a great group of friends to get together with! Especially the one with the cooking skills! Oh, yes! :)

Friendship is hard work and then again, it's pretty easy. Once a year is not good enough to keep it going. Every few months, I try to touch base with people who have made an impact on me and who I want to keep in contact with.


Love that you do the January birthdays. That is so very cool and yes! Often looked over.

The cheesecake looks divine, but, I love cheesecake and yes !! Americans like their beef medium raw or well done shoeleather. I don't understand the shoeleather, it ruins the meat!

However, live and let live. Have a great day!


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Too much. Incredible place, nice people, delicious food, great photographies. The dessert looked just superb

Ha! My wife Marian also a "Jan" baby, as it is here birthday today my friend.
Glad that you guys had a good time and good friends are a pleasure to have in life!

Buon Compleanno @zord189 Tanti Auguri 🎉🥂🎊


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You have some amazing friends who love to eat delicious looking cuisine. I can see you had an awesome time celebrating.

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