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I don't do it daily, as my preachiness would be overwhelming, but once a week I post a #thoughtfuldailypost to leverage the blockchain to spread some constructive vibes and join my buddy @wesphilbin. This week, I delve into a bit of sympathetic seintiment and I encourage you create your own and join us at #pypt every Thursday on The Ramble. https://discord.gg/ES9kaN


The Strength and Struggles we don't see


I know I fight my share of battles on any given day as I am dedicated to helping others and take on some of their problems. I am not alone in this. It takes a good amount of effort and dedication to others to handle your own struggles and share those of your fellow human.

At the same time, I try to burden others less with my trials. Sometimes, I feel I am swimming frantically to keep my nose above water while others I can tread at a relaxed pace knowing I have conquered my own battles for the time being, and have helped others.

Not everyone has such a handle, many are overwhelmed by life and that can manifest itself in many ways.

A few things struck me about this meme.

  • Fake it til you make it? - This is another way of just owning it and forging forward as that is how things are done. Confidence and progression get things done but you have to know some folks do nothing but fake it and still need help.
  • Health is fleeting - Just like an escalator going down, if you stand still on your health, you are headed to the bottom floor. It is tough to stop those sands from falling to the bottom part of the hourglass of life but a valiant fight to slow every one.
  • Brave faces are often armor pieces - Smiling faces do light up the world and it is worth paying attention to them to make sure they are authentic, and work to help spread that happiness. Many folks miss Robin Williams who is a well-known example of this.
  • Everyone is insecure about something - You can see the most confident and attractive person and assume they are cool with their self image. In many cases, they are overcompensating for an insecurity that can be crippling to others. There are also people who have no idea the true beauty they have. Help those folks find that

The last statement sums it up so well in a simple and powerful truth. We are all fighting our own battles. Often to the point where we cannot even relate to those of the people with whom we interact. Someone may not be simply be purposely being a dick. They may actually be losing the battle they fight and be in need of help.

So, try pausing to relish the fact that the universe has tried to kill you since the day you were born......and you have conquered. You have something to offer someone who may be almost gone and there may be no greater cause. Discover the battles others are fighting before you assume you have found and adversary. You may find yourself a powerful and lifelong ally.


Discover the battles others are fighting before you assume you have found and adversary. You may find yourself a powerful and lifelong ally.



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My neighbour and I have had similar discussions in the very recent past. There is still a stigma - for men in particular - that "mental health" is just a way of saying "You're not strong enough." It's not only irritating, it's dangerous. Mental health is just as important as physical health.

Your opening statement is bang on. Some of us do put on a happy face, for any of a number of valid reasons, yet still feel like we're dying a little on the inside. Everyone has their own story, and every story, when told, is vibrant, maybe happy, maybe not, but definitely unique, and should not be judged.

Yah every story needs some element of mystery hero and we all have the opportunity to be that.

I always say .... before you judge someone ....put yourself in their shoes ... play devils advocate even with yourself .... you never know why someone is thinking or feeling the way they are .



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Everyone is insecure about something - You can see the most confident and attractive person and assume they are cool with their self image. In many cases, they are overcompensating for an insecurity that can be crippling to others.

SO TRUE and that’s what life does to us !
Keep head up straight and try to make most out of insecurities

Things will get worse now in the UK with the tories winning.


Just this morning I was at the house of an internet client who said they were avoiding the news this morning. Overwhelming majority they said? That is just nuts.

It should not have happened, we had the numbers and the will of the people, and yet they came through as if it was them that were loved..

I thought that I was the preacher here my friend Lol
You have a great post here and if it can help one other, your job is done.
May that it helps many!

No one is perfect, and everyone deals with some type of issues. They may not be large ones, but issues nonetheless. I feel the key to overcoming an issue is to find a good support system. You won't find out others may be having the same or similar issues. But you won't know until you speak up.

Thanks for your post.

So very true Zeke we all face different battles, we all handle them differently.

All too often we keep quiet, why? It's a kink in our armour. Old Popular Proverb "Don't wear your heart on your sleeve."

I just try to be the best person I can everyday @zekepickleman, and that's hard enough! 😁


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Wise words. In our countries some peole discover this the hard way. They pee on the wrong tree and get shot or chopped by someone who was just waiting for the next dick to pop up :)
We have to be extra careful in times of crisis

People hide behind smiles a lot but are going thru difficult times. Some people become unpleasant and no one realizes that maybe someone is sick in the family. I always try to be kind to everyone no matter what. That kindness could mean a lot for them.

I can't agree more. We all have our battles. And a lot of people go around wearing a mask of one sort or another to hide what's going on inside them. I have been doing that all of my life. I'm actually quite comfortable with it, at this point. I suppose separating the inner me from the outer me is part defense mechanism and partly a way to protect the inner me from the harshness of the world.

I'm really glad to see more people writing and speaking openly about mental health today. It's so needed. Even if people don't feel like bringing their emotional challenges out into the open for observation or discussion, just the notion that they won't be treated like lepers for having those challenges can be a great comfort, and can take some of the anxiety out of being who they (we) are.

So very very true, we never can see the battles others are fighting within so before we judge and say a harsh word, look a little further and try to see the world from the other's perspective! It's a harsh world out there and just a little kindness can go a long way! So glad your wonderful post was featured in PHC!

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