Return of the Weekly Zekely!


Man what a busy start to the year. I took the opportunity in December to leverage my status as my own boss and did as little as possible. Such a welcome contrast to years in corporate sales fighting to close deals as the end of the year loomed. All new patterns are forming as I complete the launch of the new digital marketing business and continue to operate the computer consulting, wiring technician, and sales management for the film company. It seems all 3 of those projects were raring to go with the start of the new year which has robbed me of computer time.

I am equally dedicated to STEEM as I have always been and am thankful to take my own advice, kick real life when it is kickable and know the blockchain will be right where I left it when I return.

For my newer followers, the Weekly Zekely is a chance for me to pause after a busy week, look through my pictures and reflect on the stories that were. Sometimes it is high adventure, sometimes neat perspective, and usually with a sprinkling of beer.

Without further ado, LETS DO THIS!



I have been enjoying my skull mug that Santa left for me this year. It is the perfect vessel for marathon gaming sessions as it probably fits a pint and a half and looks cool as hell. It came as part of a Boneshaker beer gift package from Amsterdam Brewing in Toronto. The beer itself was better than I remember so perhaps my pallet has changed or they have refined their process a little? I do love the mug though.


IMG_8180 (1).jpg

Being holiday time, there may be a good amount of food pics in this round up. This is part of a sushi feast I documented at and is highlighted by this delectable spicy tuna hand roll. I assure you I was able to finish off this entire spread including the big Saporo, and was hungry again about an hour later as I generally am with Sushi. Damn tasty though.



Here is your double shot of food as I am known to spin a mean wheel. The vegetarians will be pleased to know that no animals were harmed in the making of this pizza (except maybe the dairy cows a bit) and the pepperoni is plant based along with all of the toppings. This was prepared as part of a business meeting where my vegetarians technical all star was over doing some of his magic for one of our clients. Friends and veggie pizza and beer sure is a good way to do business.



HOT STUFF COMING THROUGH! The fermentation of my hot sauces made from the hot peppers in the garden is producing great results. There was an Australia scale fire in my mouth when I sampled all of these at the same time but the flavour has intensified while the heat of the crazy ghost peppers has subdued a little with the fermentation. I am going to combine hopefully the perfect amount of each sauce to achieve the most heat to taste ratio and it will be glorious. Don't worry. It will only hurt twice.



While I wasn't looking, my bristle nose plecostamus I bought for a few bucks a few months ago has grown! I have him and a few other fish in my 75 gallon aquarium that has lots of plants and hiding places. So, he is out of sight quite a bit and comes out at night to clean when the lights are off. These things are the best most aggressive algae eaters and they look cool. I noticed he was out swimming and snapped this rare pic. I may have to put together a little report on the rest of the fish in that one.



I did get a few ladders in but the internet installations have been a little slow. This one is from the front of a hot tub and spa place looking south on one of the main roads. Not really a picturesque part of this pretty town but definitely not as wintery as it should be for early January in Canadia. I will collect a few more jobs and show you my view of the town from 18 feet up next week or so.



I even managed to miss #beersaturday last week which is something I don't think I have done in many months. Not that there was any shortage of beer over the last few weeks. It simply means I have a bunch of beers to share this year!
This one was a one off I picked up because I had never had it before. It was a serious beer but getting up over 8% ABV, sometimes the alcohol taste can become more than the hops......even when it is triple hopped. It is a neat design and serious beer but I am not sure I will pick it up again.



I didn't train as much BJJ as I would have liked to due to busy schedule and holiday gym closures. I did get my mat time though and was awarded my 4th stripe on my purple belt. Stripes are just pieces of tape but it is neat to see the different wear on each of them as they have spent more time on the belt. I have to up my game if I am to work toward the next belt and have a BJJ cruise to go on this summer I am going to want to be ready for. Working this back into my schedule is another resolution for me and probably most of my training partners.



I had a chance to throw on a suit, pay $125 and attend the Mayor's yearly gala. Such a great networking event and the exposure you get on your personal brand as a business and community member is something special. Especially when you are building a business. The event raised over 100k for the community, the food was great, and I can't wait for the business it brings! Mayor is a pretty cool guy too.



Last but certainly not least, we had an epic night out on the weekend. Started at the gala, then moved on to this newly opened music room in town who happens to be one of our latest clients. We went in to shoot a bunch of pictures for their google business profile and social media posts. Stevie T is a well known local ensemble and played a few SRV tunes to a happy crowd. We moved on to the BJJ gym to watch the 40-second Connor MacGregor UFC fight and closed the bar across the street. What a long night and I am almost glad I didn't get any pics after this as it is a blur. All I know is it included some jagermeister shots with my bar tender friend, and a long hangover on Sunday!


Here's hoping it is not another number of weeks til the next Zekely update. Some awesome stuff coming in the next while so it should make for some more funny stories and pics to share. Thanks for hanging with your buddy Zeke and trapsing through the start of my 2020. Gonna be an awesome year!


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How has your year started out?

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Wow! We should call you "Action Man" for want of a better title Lol.
A great round up here my friend and I hope that 2020 will turn out to be your year of years!

I feel so boring recently in comparison to camping, gardening, sailing, fighting in tournaments, playing hockey, jamming in the studio with the guys and all the shit I love to do.

Action man is what I will strive to be based on the momentum and cash I will make with this strong start to the year in business! So it shall be.

And this blog will become epic!

I like your positivism for the year ahead and you know that we only wish you the very best my friend!

Eventful and rewarding month, good start to the year @zekepickleman


Going to be the best year yet!

That is an awesome skull mug! I love it! That Death Valley looks pretty tasty, too. I came across a brew from Founders Brewery in Michigan that they call "Canadian Breakfast Stout." 11.7% alcohol with a slight hint of maple. It was almost too sweet, but very tasty nonetheless.

Haha you should taste that beer while wearing a Canadian Tuxedo.

A perfect 2020 so far @zekepickleman 🙏


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You know it my goombah friend! ;)

Love it!
@tipu curate

Upvoted 👌 (Mana: 0/3 - need recharge?)

I aim to please.

Sounds like a pretty action packed, and tasty food, time.

Makes for lots of great stuff. Lots of work and distraction to lure me away from daily posting. The struggle is real!

That skull mug is awesome. A worthy mug for a feast and an endless flow of beer! Looks like you have a lot of stuff going on fish , food, gala. Have a great week ahead!

You know it my snakey friend. Wouldn't have it any other way.

Sushi and a Death Valley beer ok on my way

Open invitation for you!

Nice rundown on your activities. I gotta ask, does the fish actually have 2 tails, or am I experiencing seeing some division of the fish due to looking through the corner of the aquarium or something?

Yah only 1 tail. Maybe the perspective is throwing it off.

The “Weekly Zekely” indeed @zekepickleman. 😊 Very creative! I admire talent I don’t have …

I really liked the “sushi feast” pix and stories. Reminds me of one of my favorite “foodie” stories, from my “old life,” when I traveled like you as a sales professional.

My sister had always hounded me about the benefits, etc. of sushi, but try as I might, in my limited experiences with it, I never had an idea what she was talking about … 😉 Until one fateful day I had the opportunity to experience it with a self-proclaimed “world class” sushi eater in a fine restaurant in Campbell River, British Columbia.

Reader’s Digest version: Entertaining a Danish client who had traveled the world and tried sushi all over (including Japan), he proclaimed the Japanese chef at this place in Campbell River, along with the abundance of wonderfully fresh fish, made it the best he’d ever experienced. He “magically” mixed together the many different sauces he recommended. To go with the menu recommendations which we all wisely elected to accept. Unforgettable … As a fellow “road warrior,” I would imagine you have many similar tales of your own.

Thanks for sharing this glimpse inside of a “Week with Zeke.” Nicely done! 👍

I think I have the best group of supporters here with the richest comments that lead to such great discussion.

That being the case, your reply has enough content and personality to warrant a post of its own. That is a lost art and a future gem my friend.

You're very kind @zekepickleman. I've always written "from the heart" and view the responses to posts of considerable benefit in adding value to our Steem blockchain. Alas, post the EIP changes of HF 21 / 22, this aspect seems to be on the decline ...

The ancient WIIFM principle "hard at work" ... 😉

Have a great day and thanks again!

Congratulations on the the new stripes! Woo-Hoo! So proud that you keep it going. I think my invite to the mayoral thingie got lost in the mail... Le sigh. All dressed up and nowhere to go.

Let's see those spicy hots!

The sushi looks outstanding. OMG. They really outdid themselves. And speaking of fish, how big does your tank cleaner get?

Oh, this post is full of all things wonderful and honestly, it is time for my bed buy I wanted to stop in and say hello, I haven't forgotten about you!

Have a great night!


Some have said I am the best commenter on the platform but you are so many leagues ahead of me.

Anyone reading this should follow @dswigle right this instant. You are welcome.

Oh!! I heard this siren call from my bed!! Thank you so much for the vote of confidence! Don't you be disappointing your bros! You hear?

Now hop on over to my place and put a few fancy comments (in my name of course) on my posts. I am le tired and cannot stay up another minute.

And thanks, Zeke! You are the best!

tip Oh, sorry! One per customer!

And hello?? You deserve that title, man! I bow down before thee.

Pizza and beer!! I think it's the most delicious thing in the world!! A perfect combination!!

Those words are true enough. When you add to them with a special guest, home made pizza and lots of craft beer, you are even closer to perfection.

Nice. A mayor's gala you say! fancy! I envy that you have an aquarium. When i was in college I used to keep a lot of them and they were a lot of until i got this Oscar that just kept growing and growing and eventually ate all the other fish in the tank and would harass the ones that were too big to eat until i guess the committed suicide. I ended up selling him back to the pet store and they were stunned at how big he had gotten.

Ah yes. Oscars are probably the fish I have had most often and for the longest time. They are so cute and inquisitive when they are young and you have a few of them.


This is the last one I had at about 8 years old. Amazingly enough, I had 2 mating pairs in that 75 gallon tank at the same time....and one of them was a pair of albino oscars.

I would have them again except they do tend to dominate a tank and are absolute pigs.

absolute, yes they are. I know the el gigante that I had would see me approaching the tank and get excited and wouldn't even wait for the food to drop into the tank before jumping at it. I had Pacus in the same tank, who are also aggressive fish and he completely dominated them as well and there were 3 of them. Eventually we had to break them up because of the constant battles.

Holy smokes sir zekepickleman! You have to be the busiest guy in the country!! It's astounding how many things you have going on. Well done!

Haha I aggrandize with the best of them!

Keeps me busy which is how you want to be as a dad, entrepreneur and international man of blog.

Wow, you're a great role model in many categories sir zekepickleman. It must be easy to find topics to post about!

It does get easier with the time spent doing it but always looking for more stories to tell.

I am only blessed on STEEM because of the people kind enough to like my work!



Howdy again sir zekepickleman! Well, we have some fantastic people here for sure, I salute your success and may it multiply even more this year.

Hey @janton, here is a little bit of BEER from @zekepickleman for you. Enjoy it!

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Howdy this fine Wednesday night sir beerlover and thank you sir zekepickleman!

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Fun! I haven’t seen your weeklies before. Looks like a great week. Sushi is awesome, isn’t it? But yeah it’s easy to eat a lot of it and be hungry again a bit later.

That veggie pizza looks pretty awesome. I haven’t tried vegetarian pepperoni yet! Oh great — another thing on my bucket list! 😆

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