When She Comes

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I'm the first to admit that I don't necessarily have a wholesome sense of humour; one of my biggest personal issues is that I often find myself incredibly funny. When an idea like the one in this strip comes to me, I'll laugh and laugh and laugh, regardless of where I am (music lesson, meeting, funeral, etc). It's irrelevant if anyone else will find it funny: I do, and that's good enough for me.

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LOL I have the same.. I get some silly thing in my head and I start to laugh and people around me think I probably (finally) lost it :D
Hi 5!

Hey there @ewkaw, Hi 5 to you as well!🤣

Hi5 Jerry! :D

Howdy @ewkaw


I may as well hand out a few Hi5's too.. Hi 5 ya'll 😁

Hi5! :))

Hee! That's awesome! I think the term is something along the lines of 'great minds.' I've been kicked out of meetings, kitchens, and bedrooms because I just won't/can't stop laughing. It's great fun! At least for me. 😀

They are just jealous!! That's why they kick you out :p

Oh Victor, I am one of the funniest people I know, to myself. So I am right there with you.
To retain some semblance of sanity, it is essential that we be able to laugh at ourselves.

I know 5 people who are clinically insane,
And I'm 3 of them!

I am also known to be walking along or sitting alone somewhere, and just bust out laughing.
At a performance, or anywhere for that matter, I'll hear a snippet of conversation from across the room, that is either an exact match for some lyrics or reminds me of a song and I'll start singing it.
I get the weirdest looks at times.

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One should never stop singing! Even if it sounds awful (like me). I sing and I dance, and I'm awful at both.

No comment ha ha 🤣


That poor lady behind you needs a laugh but can't see your antics. haha. funny stuff Jerry.

Ha ha ha... that lady is about blind if I remember correctly.
She always had a private duty 'sitter' with her, who described what I was doing.
She enjoyed HEARING me at any rate, I know that first hand.
Thanks Brad

That girl in the front at least broke a smile!


Love it Victor! Really though.. Show some restraint. 😆😆😂 I also laugh at myself sometimes.. Me Myself and I have some real good inside jokes. Pixar is king at throwing around adult humor in their movies.. so go right ahead and feel free to do the same. hehe

I have an entire notebook.. I kid you not, a huge notebook (digital, of course) full of items I've labeled "nsfw". Oy!

I'm glad you liked this one. 😀