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RE: At the Gyeongju Bird Park with my Feathered Friends

That must be a really neat getaway in an otherwise really busy city! The very top of the Baltimore Aquarium in.. well.. Baltimore... is a replica rainforest and contains a lot of birds. I like to be up there and listen to them. It's very relaxing.

Thanks for sharing!


Gyeongju is more of a small city. It's about 3.5 hours driving from Seoul.

I love visiting aquariums too, but taking photos through glass can be really tricky. The rainforest sounds really nice. I remember visiting one as a kid at the Science Centre in Toronto, but there were no birds.

The parrots here were really noisy and I wouldn't call the sounds plesant. I guess if that is the goal they would have to design the place a little differently. Anyway sounds neat.