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I do not really particularly enjoy going to the grocery store. That is a particular chore - much like laundry, or vacuuming - that I never think excitedly to myself "Oh yay! I get to go grocery shopping today!" Rather, the task is usually met with a dull sense of dread and foreboding. Like laundry, however, it's a necessity, never seems to end, and must be endured.

Today was not much of an exception. I remembered coffee, but forgot bread; given a choice of the two, I think I still came out ahead. While standing in line at the checkout my gaze found it's way to the Starbuck's coffee kiosk in the front and I was thinking that a cold lemonade might be just perfect to ease the pain of having had to fight my way through masses of wandering people who seemed to not be aware that standing in the middle of an already small aisle and not doing anything actually prevented other people from getting by. So, checkout complete, I pushed my cart full of groceries over to the kiosk with my mouth full set on an Iced Cherry Green Tea Lemonade (yes, there is such a thing).

I was met by a cheery young lady who was more than happy to help me, but informed that "we're out of lemonade." Talk about dissapointment! There were still a plethora of other options of the iced variety available to me, but now I had to make another decision and, further, convince my taste buds that they will actually enjoy whatever other concoction we manage to identify.

Now, here's where paying it forward comes into play. The fellow right behind me actually had just purchased half a dozen single-serve lemonades and he offered me one - for free - just because he happened to be there. That just made my day! He politely declined my counter offer to buy whichever drink he was in line for, answering instead that he was just happy to be able to help.

That really did just make my day. The barista was able to use that single serve lemonade to make my drink. I hope the fellow has a fantastic weekend, and I hope I'm in a position at some point in the near future to help some other random person in even the smallest way.

And now, because I do not like to put up a post without at least some original artistic content, I present to you a conundrum: how is it possible for Canadian Bacon to be a "locally grown product" on the east coast of the US?


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We aren't in Canada? I feel so cheated!

That was so awesome of that man. It is the little things in life that touch my soul and you got your drink. Nice!