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Every year for the past several years (at least) I have put together a family Christmas video. It started off innocently enough by simply goofing around with a new video camera. Then it turned into a large production. And now it's quite short again.

I don't "do" Christmas Cards. That is, I do not send them. This is my equivalent. If you view this video, you may assume I have sent you a card, and very happily so, too! You are welcome.

Each video is unique, with a different theme from the year prior, but they all involve music of some form or another, with the reason being that all my children play some form of musical instrument or another. This year we have a very Lego Christmas, with a video hosted on (a great front end for Lbry).


Whatever you celebrate, if anything at all, I hope you do it well, and I hope you are happy!

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