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Below is my five minute #freewrite on my prompt today: It was Saturday morning

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It was Saturday morning and I received a text from Debbie's neighbor asking if I knew a plumber that wouldn't charge $200 to change a hose bib? I don't know who she called to get a price, but that's ridiculous. I was lucky enough to have my plumbing tools at Debbie's, so I told Martha I would take a look and see if I could help out. I pulled the top of the faucet off and I was just going to change the washer because the seat was still intact, but the damn screw was so tight I couldn't get it off. So Martha offered to go pick up a new hose bib at Home Depot, so I pulled the old one off and she took it with her.
Now she has a shiny new hose bib that doesn't leak. I'm glad I could help them out because they're good neighbors, and their daughters make me cookies and cakes all the time. 😋
Everyone have a great Memorial Day 🙏 and remember it's not about the mattress specials! 🇺🇲

Freewrite and photos by Bruni

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Sounds like that was a good option to assist, who knows those cookies will be enjoyed into the future after spending some time fixing a tap.

Time well spent and nice free write Bruni.


Thank you @joanstewart, it felt good doing something productive instead of waiting around for my next chemo treatment or sitting inside protecting myself from covid. 🙏

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Plumbing for cookies sounds like a good deal to me! Good to see another @wonderwop freewrite! Take care my friend!

Thanks buddy. 🎉🥂🎊

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