Day-909-Freewrite Thursday prompt bitter pill

Below is my five minute #freewrite on today's prompt: bitter pill

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Today I went to Sam's Club Pharmacy to retrieve my prescription ointment that I need on Tuesday, when I start my chemo treatments. I'm supposed to dab a little above my medi port area prior to my infusion to numb the area. There was no line to get into Sam's when we got there, so we walked right in and I headed to the Pharmacy. As I'm walking to the back of the store I noticed all these idiots with no masks, on shopping like it's black Friday. I paid for my prescription then talked to the pharmacist and told her I just got my port inserted yesterday. She suggested that after Tuesday, I use curbside delivery because of my soon to be compromised immune system. As I got the hell out of Sam's I realized that my life was about to change. As I sat in my car and waited for Debbie to come out I noticed that a line had formed to get into the store and most of those idiots didn't have a mask on. There was one lady in a swimming suit. What the fuck is wrong with people, do they not listen to the news! They live in their own little bubble and don't give a shit about anybody else. The Mayor of San Antonio asked us to wear masks in public ten days ago, I guess he went to Sam's today because it's now mandatory to wear a mask in public, starting Saturday. If I end up shooting someone that sneezed on me, I'll swallow the bitter pill of life then write a Freewrite about it.

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I was amazed at how many walk into shops with no mask, no gloves over the past three weeks, only go down once a week to shop for essentials.... Learned the art of getting in and out in record breaking times. Yesterday it was announced everyone has to wear a mask, homemade is easy enough!

Stay safe!

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