Practicing Mindfulness


The universe can be really funny and ironic sometimes. Some people swear by the workings of the universe believing it's always in their favour, others feel it's against them. What one person hopes to achieve at a particular time and doesn't, would come easy to someone else with no effort.

One key part of our lives is being aware of your present, your thoughts and surroundings. Mindfulness is not just being aware, you need to pay attention and be in the moment, not letting the past or the unknown cloud your judgement of the present.

Being mindful keeps you focused and at alert, not being easily swayed. In a calm and relaxed state, you're less likely to make rash decisions. You can make out a quiet time for yourself occasionally to practice mindfulness. Processing your present and being totally nonjudgmental, as if viewing your life as a third party. It gradually becomes a part of you and comes to you easily.

Mindfulness can become borderline worry if you're not careful. When you're fully aware of yourself and you ponder on expectations too much, it becomes worry. You begin feeling like the universe owes you something and become distraught when you don't get it.

Pay attention to your feelings and be nice to yourself. Mindfulness reduces anxiety and depression because you're fully aware of how and why the feeling comes and have practiced addressing it. Your mind immediately reacts in a calmer way rather than acting instinctively.

Again, focus and take care of you and care less what the universe does for others. You matter most.

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I find it so delicous these days. It's like a long for that quite, mindful moment and the ebb and flow of breath so I can find some peace and a little way to honour and nourish myself in the chaos of a day. It helps the answers come a lot better too.

Did you know we do a #mindfulness curation on Tuesdays via @naturalmedicine, curated by @drrune? It's one of my favourite of the week - there's always a gem of wisdom in there!

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I didn't know about the mindfulness curation. I'll be checking it out, thank you!

I have always been of the opinion that decisions made in pretty much any kind of elevated emotional state are normally the wrong ones. This is a really super post. Thanks for sharing it with all of us in the Lifestyle Lounge community!

Hope you have an awesome weekend further!



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Only a pleasure 🌸

Be kind. Be aware of the present. Be happy.


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