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Hahahha. This is what happens. I don't even know how news travels but it's faster on social media.
I was done with social media since last year the hate for it started in late 2019 and stepped into 2020.
I used to utilize my WhatsApp alone so to still keep up with some close acquaintances but Facebook? Hmmm, it wasn't even a place I loved to be so I dumped it ever since.
All the same, congrats on your intro!😉 I even wanted to right on marriage and this just spark up the vibes to do that the more lol

Oh thank you. Would love to read your post

Hahaha... I've never been a fan of Facebook because the account I opened since 2012 just have about 15 posts. The last time I check my Facebook account was years ago but I still kept mine because I know that it would be a nice way to recover some contacts if anything should go south.

As for my WhatsApp, I don't even bother about checking my status neither do I go there to chat. The only thing that takes me to that place is due to some groups where I get information and that one happens once in a while.

I'm more relaxed which sites like hive that are better learning platform and also rewards us for our time and effort

Yup. The truth is that you prefer places where you don't feel like people(both contacts and app) are invading/encroaching your private space.

I'm more relaxed which sites like hive that are better learning platform and also rewards us for our time and effort

This is it! I find that even in my aimless scrolling on hive I still learn something

There's this ease and lightness I feel from knowing that I'm not bugged out by social media. At this point in time, all of them are necessary evils that we'll leverage to our benefit in the near future.

Yeah, they'll be useful at some point

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