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RE: A Walk through the National Cathedral

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Thank you so much for this beautiful post! I've never seen this cathedral in person - only on tv. Next time I go to DC I want to tour it! It looks so amazing! I simply adore stain glass windows! I so wanted the church I go to in Texas to put in stain glass windows when it was built in 1988, but alas they didn't! The other Episcopal churches I have attended over my lifetime did have stain glass windows- it's the church I grew up in. Side note - The church I attend now changed from Episcopalian to Anglican about 10 years ago.


Thank you!! I didn't use a great camera for this and lacked in the details of the pictures, so when I go back again, I will be taking more pictures and posting them.

I thank you for the thoughtful and generous comment!! Truly. And I hope that you do get there! It is soooo worth it! I love the stained glass in here too!

Thank you again! I hope all is well with you!


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