Meet Amelia (Tripode) [ENG-ESP]

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Illustration made by @richjr


How Tripode looks like?

Since i joined the platform i have been asked and asked many times about my true identity. I have been told that if i walk under cover, that if i am a man, that if i am persecuted by the law and if i have self-esteem problems. - she laughs - and the truth is, nothing to do with it. I have simply enjoyed my stay here because of what i write and because of my way of being, without the need to show my face or my physique (Don't get used to the fact that i won't be going up many more).

BUT, i take this opportunity that has happened thanks to the wonderful artist @richjr (give him follow ok? ok) who, after a joke has accepted to draw me and well, it has been so wonderful that i have no other choice but to show it to everyone, because he did a spectacular job. In this post he shows a little bit the process of drawing, without waste.

PS: There's another picture of me going around, that a gentleman uploaded, but i won't say where it is.

And for this one only have one little question How did you think it was? This is all for now. Thank you very much for joining me in this little corner of tripode, i hope you have a wonderful day, i hope to see you again soon... and remember, good vibes always.

¿Cómo se ve Tripode?

Desde que entré a la plataforma me han pedido y preguntado muchas veces sobre mi verdadera identidad. Me han dicho que si ando en cubierto, que si soy hombre, que si me persigue la ley y si tengo problemas de autoestima. - se ríe - y la verdad es que nada que ver. Simplemente he disfrutado mi estadía por acá por lo que escribo y por mi forma de ser, sin necesidad de mostrar mi rostro o físico (No se acostumbren que no voy a subir muchas más, posiblemente no suba otra).

PERO, aprovecho esta oportunidad que a ocurrido gracias al maravilloso artista @richjr (denle follow ok? ok) quien, después de una broma ha aceptado dibujarme y bueno, ha quedado tan maravilloso que no me queda de otra que enseñárselo a todos, porque hizo un trabajo espectacular. En este post él enseña un poco el proceso de dibujo, sin desperdicios.

PD: Anda otra foto mía por ahí que un señorito subió, pero no diré donde está.

Y para esto solo tengo una preguntita ¿Cómo pensabas que era? Esto es todo por ahora. Muchas gracias por acompañarme en este pequeño rincón de tripode, espero que pases un maravilloso día, ojalá te vuelva a ver pronto... y recuerda, buenas vibras siempre.




1111.png 2222.png 3333.png 4444.png

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All the illustrations are created by me with Adobe Illustrator.
Illustration of the bigining and GIF delivered by @rishjr.



Where are you going to

Exactly hahahahaha

ahahahahahah where are you going?

Will be here when you upload a real image.

hahhaahaha the real one is in the GIF

Lol... I saw it.

Sin comentarios.

hahahahahahahaa celos no justificados.

Muy justificados


I don't want to walk by as @starstrings01, just waiting for the real photo. So no comment🤐

hahahahaha there it is, in the GIF. Well 0.002 seconds of it hahahahahahahah

That's OK

okee, that is definitely not my fat neighbor... hehehe. It's a pleasure to have met you. Smile On Girl!

hahahahahahahahaha i may copy the pic from the internet tho.

Lo único que puedo decir es que te imaginaba con el cabello rizado, no sé por qué. Qué bien conocer un poco más sobre ti. Saludos 😊

hahahahaha por ser dominicana me imaginoo, gracias por la visitaa

Como te he visto, puedo decir ¡Wow! @richjr no hiciste otra vez, que gran trabajo. Es bueno que te des a conocer señorita Amelia y causarte cierta intriga con lo de otra foto jum.

hahahahaha la misma foto que te mandé el otro día es ¨la otra foto¨ lo que pasa es que hay un señorito que la subió medio descaradamente, y anda rondando

Tengo que pasarme al post de richjr a ver la foto original y comentar todo lo que estoy pensando allá, no puedo creer que lo estoy viendo. 😮

hahahahahhaaha buenoo, pues tendré que ir al post de Rich también a ver lo que piensas.😂😂😂😂

Asked many times....I'm guessing 50% is by @starstrings01 ;-)

But I think more people are gonna ask after seeing this pictures.....that's a hot cartoon!

Lool 😂😂😂

Yeah he owns that 50%😒

that's a hot cartoon!

Yeah right?! I loved it hahahahah he did a great job!!

omg my dear Amelia is so beautiful! 💙 hahah plus I don't know why I imagined you blackhaired as me but it's ok, you are a cute brunette! :)

hahahahaha 🙈😊 thank you, i think when people say dominican they think of morenas. But i´m a whitie hahahaha i have no idea how you look like.

heheh bueno el amigo Rich tambien me dibujo una vez, este es el post como veras I am morena :)

lol, you´re also very pretty hahahaha le pudiste haber mandado una foto mas borrosa para la próxima😒😂😂😂😂😂

btw, el amigo Rich, lol, i guess you don´t like him much.🙊

HAHAHAHAH Amelia malvadasea xDDDD y coyo es que honestamente no tenia una foto en donde me viera decente que no estuviera borrosa XD

and well yeah, I appreciate him but I'm not in love + Age difference + I avoid long distance relationships :v hahahahahhah jeesus

hahahahahhaaha ponle anteojos a tu cámara DIOS hahaahahaha

And yeah, me lo imaginé hahahahaha... he´s even younger than me, y eso es mucho decir!

I have been told that if i walk under cover, that if i am a man, that if i am persecuted by the law and if i have self-esteem problems.

Hahahaha that was @starstrings01. I know!!! Pd: It's a really good job!

He made the ¨self-esteem¨ one hahahahah

I must say I was more focused on what you have written... then I saw your picture and the build up just matches perfectly... honestly it was hard to find and I almost didn't see it but eventually found your picture 😂

hahahahahahahha yeahh in the GIFs only lasts like 1 sec hahahahah thanks for visiting!

The whole truth? It makes not one iota of difference to me. What does make a difference is how you relate and how you function on the platform. Which is just damn well.

All I have to know is what your foot feels like when it kicks my ass. That's a plenty for me 😂

That´s what i always say, i prefer being flattered by what i do or am, than by how i look. And weeeell... and the way i kick other people's asses, that's satisfaction at its best.😂

Thank you for your visit, is nice to see you around here! Have a nice day.