Day 17 - What makes me sad [ENG-ESP]

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30 days blog challenge
17 - What make me sad?

I always try not to condition my happiness and not to allow myself to feel sad... but there are times when it is necessary, because in this way we grow and learn as much from our mistakes as from those of others.

I feel sorry when i fail to achieve a goal i had set. When in a movie the protagonist who had already become fond of him dies, when i see a very young death and i feel that it is unfair... when i go to the beach and the sky becomes cloudy, when someone yell at me (in this one i also get upset), when i unintentionally make someone else feel bad and when someone hurt one of my friends.

But none of this takes away my happiness. Don't let your happiness depend on someone else or on any material achievement. Your happiness is in you.

And you What makes you sad?

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading to me, have a beautiful day.

30 días desafío para blog
17 - What make me sad?

Siempre trato de no condicionar mi felicidad y no permitirme sentirme triste... pero hay veces que es necesario, porque de esta forma crecemos y aprendemos tanto de nuestros errores como los de los demás.

Me apena cuando no logro conseguir una meta que tenía planteada. Cuando en una película se muere el protagonista que ya le había cogido cariño, cuando veo una muerte muy joven y siento que es injusta... cuando voy a la playa y se nubla el cielo, cuando me gritan (en esta también me molesto), cuando sin querer hago sentir mal a otro, cuando le hacen daño a alguno de mis amigos.

Pero nada de esto me quita mi felicidad, no permitas que tu felicidad dependa de otra persona ni de ningún logro material. Tu felicidad está en eres tú.

Y a tí ¿Qué te pone triste?

Muchas gracias por pasar por aquí y leerme, que pases un hermoso día.


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Esta es mi entrada para el 30 Day Blog Challenge, iniciado por @cwow2, y recomendado por mi amigo @starstrings01, si quieres participar solo toma la siguiente imagen y empieza a escribir tus posts con la etiqueta #bloggingchallenge.

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Yea, it is very undeniable that things can from time to time make us go sad. And a lot of things can by the way. I can understand the feeling of seeing an hero in a movie die - especially if he doesn't deserve to. That one alone is very heartbreaking. It has even gotten to the point whereby I don't become attached to anyone I feel I am loving in a movie in case if tragedy happened to the hero that involves death, I'll just be like "screw you! It only a movie" 🤣.. The last one that got to me was the death of Oliver Queen in The series Arrow. Despite his death was understandable, I was put in a sad mood.

Yea, happiness should always find a way to take away or limit our sadness so it doesn't consume us too much. Nice write up....

I want to see Arrow, i have it in my bucket list. Have you seen Titanic?

Thank you for visiting, always nice to have you around.

Well, it is really funny to say but despite how popular that movie (titanic) has been and everyone talked about it, I still haven't seen it 🙈🤣

Whaaaaaaaat you should see it... i will not tell you spoilers.

Hahaha..... The way you exclaimed makes me wanna watch it already 🤣🤣

You should! It´s a classic... and you will understand me at the end.

Lol. Alright then. I guess I'll just have to abandon others on my list and watch that next to see what people are talking about

Yeah! That's right, nice post 👍

Thank you!

It's a pleasure

GIF life hahahah


Ese tipo de cosas también me ponen triste, además me pone triste ver animales abandonados en las calles o siendo maltratados:(. Saluudoos 💕

Ayy también me pasa!! Que pena

Yeah, all what you mentioned that makes you sad, I can relate to that especially the goals aspect, it is the same for me also.

Yeahh, thank you for the visit!!

It's my pleasure !tip

Hahaha thank you for the tip! I see you are proving it.

Yeah you are welcome. I was trying it out. Here is another !tip for you.

Hahahahahahahhahaahah you will run out hahaha thank youu

Corona makes me sad

Ohhh i forgot to mention that one. Very true.

Juuuusto te tenías que nublar cuando vengo a la playa... Eso a mí más que tristeza me genera rabia 😅

Verdad que siiii??? Conchoo! Uno tanto tiempo que espera eso para que venga a llover.

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