Day 16 - What makes me happy [ENG-ESP]

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30 days blog challenge
16 - What makes me happy?

I am happy with very little... i don't need a lot of achievements or money or objects... i am more about appreciating the moments and details of the day to day. Because if one day i can't achieve a goal.... my world can't fall apart, if my laptop breaks my happiness can't be broken... whatever happens the world goes on, with or without me.

I can't deny that getting what i want and having attention produces happy moments because if i did i would be lying... Who doesn't love to be congratulated or given a good commentary here at Hive? Everyone... but i try to make sure that this is not the only source of happiness and that if it doesn't happen i don't lose my world, because we don't always have the attention of others and we are not always going to get what we want, that's why we have to look for happiness in ourselves.

I like to write for myself, i also enjoy dancing alone, i paint from the heart, i love to listen to the birds sing, look at the sky and appreciate the clouds, have a good time with my friends, see them smile, enjoy every meal and especially every dessert, also see when my dog is full of joy when i get home, when i feel the wind on my face and in the park or in any trip off the city i feel the beautiful smell of nature.

I am happy when i express good vibrations, when i live in peace and harmony with myself. I always try to escape criticism that is not constructive, i try to judge less every day. I try to push away the negative energies and attract the positive ones. To love, to play and to dance

My recomendation? Live in peace with yourself, heal your wounds, live each day as if it were your last, meditate, express what you feel, enjoy the details.

Don't let your happiness depend on another person or any material achievement. Your happiness is in you.

And you What makes you happy?

Thank you so much for stopping by and reading to me, have a beautiful day.

30 días desafío para blog
16 - ¿Qué me hace feliz?

Yo soy feliz con muy poca cosa... no me hacen falta muchos logros ni dinero ni objetos... soy mas de apreciar los momentos y los detalles del día a día. Porque si un día no puedo lograr una meta.... mi mundo no se puede venír abajo, si se me rompe mi laptop mi felicidad no se puede romper... pase lo que pase el mundo sigue, conmigo o sin mí.

No puedo negar que conseguir lo que quiero y tener atención me producen momentos felices porque si lo hago estaría mintiendo... ¿A quién no le encanta que lo feliciten o que le hagan un buen comentario aquí en Hive? A todos... pero trato de que esta no sea la unica fuente de felicidad y que si no sucede no se me caiga el mundo, porque no siempre tenemos la atención de los demás y no siempre vamos a conseguir lo que queremos, por eso hay que buscar la felicidad en uno mismo.

Me gusta escribir para mi, disfruto también bailar sola, pinto desde el corazon, me encanta escuchar a los pajaros cantar, mirar al cielo y apreciar las nubes, pasar un buen momento con mis amigos, verlos sonreir, disfrutar cada comida y sobre todo cada dulce, también ver cuando mi perrita se llena de alegría cuando llego a la casa, cuando siento el viento en mi cara y en el parque siento el olor a naturaleza.

Yo soy feliz cuando expreso buena vibra, cuando vivo en paz y armonía conmigo misma. Siempre trato de escaparme de las criticas que no son constructivas, trato de cada día juzgar menos. Alejar las energías negativas y atraer las positivas. Amar, jugar y bailar.

¿Mi recomendación? Vive en paz contigo mismo, sana tus heridas, vive cada día como si fuera el último, medita, expresa lo que sientes, disfruta los detalles.

No permitas que tu felicidad dependa de otra persona ni de ningun logro material. Tu felicidad está en eres tú.

Y a tí ¿Qué te hace feliz?

Muchas gracias por pasar por aquí y leerme, que pases un hermoso día.


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Wow.... This is more of a message than you just telling what makes you happy and I just love it a lot more this way. Glad to know and there is no doubt that what you have penned down is an absolute truth. An happiness being based on material things are more likely to have cramps each day. Life is full of differences and while we always want things to go the way we have planned, it will never go our way.

Just like I have said in a previous post of mine, life does not take a peep in to look at your book as regards to what you have planned down in order to move towards that direction. The dude just do as it pleases and take it course the way it sees fit. For this purpose, I just allow life move the vehicle while I handle the steering.

So, basically speaking - so I don't go out of terms, happiness should be based on you and you alone. Nothing attached to you should be made to solely anchor that happiness. It is true that things which are good makes us happy. For example, if I stumble upon a lottery of a million dollars, I'd be fucking gone in terms of craziness... I'd be mightily happy and that has been a source of happiness. However, it is only for a second it will get to a point where by I see that money no more or where by I get used to it and it doesn't really freak me off again - and I'll just go out lookin for more. After all one very thing that makes us human is the ability of never being satisfied and always wanting more from the world.

But I won't let it be my only source of happiness. Oh yea, you said it in your post and I have learnt from it - the hard way to be sincere. The power house of one's happiness should be just being happy with whatever and whoever you are while you hope for a greater you. Tha way, even circumstances that should have made you frown will be shocked you are still smiling and extending such smile to others.


Did I just wrote a post of it's own?😅😅🤣
I guess I was being too selfish🤣

the way we have planned, it will never go our way

This have happend to me so much in the past! And that´s why i changed my mind on the subject! I can not control what happen next or what other people will do, but i can only control myself and what i do...

Many people say that those who smile the most sometimes are the ones who have suffered the most and just like you i also learned all these things the hard way.

Did I just wrote a post of it's own?😅😅🤣
I guess I was being too selfish🤣

Whaaaaat?? Don't worry, you're not selfish at all... on the contrary, i feel honored that you give me that time and dedicate yourself to leaving me such a good comment! I hope everyone is as selfish as you are!

THANK YOU SO MUCH for that and i hope to keep giving you good content to make you keep writing all of those good words. You are always welcome in my blog.

Oh yeah

Glad you as well learnt it all the hard way. That way, you are experienced enough not to be deceived by what you hear what what you partially see - or better still, what you partially think you see. Experience no doubt is the best teacher.

I hope everyone is as selfish as you are!

I really laughed my ass out at that statement 😅😅funny thing is I hope so as well😄 and you welcome by the way. Good thing I know I have the key to the door of your blog an I don't need to knock before entering. I'll just barge in like I own the Place.

hahahah of course! Just don´t eat all my food please...

Btw, where do you get all those GIFs?!

Haha... Sorry for late reply, I was caught up with something. Well I have this Microsoft keyboard on my android. So anytime I wish to apply a gif, I just seach for the gif within the keyboard and I use anyone of them that is of interest to me👌

ohhhhh i need a keyboard like that!!

Yea, am sure you'll enjoy it a lot.

OMG you too? hahahahaha tell me where you found them hahahaha


😂 😅 🤣 😆 😁

Because you took the trouble, time and delicacy to create such a good commentary, we support you with our new initiative, to give more value to the comments.

I couldn't help but stop by and congratulate you on such a wonderful job and especially for continuing to respond to the comments, making in this way a true conversation, which i now see was very long.

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Ooohhh.. You are so welcome. And thanks for finding my comments worthy of such appreciation. I had been seeing Upvotes like this much often these days on my comments but I don't have an idea why it kept coming. I guess I now know the reason!

Not much I can say here my friend...

A true #thoughtfuldailypost with positive energy and content... multi-lingual; a perfect combination of thought and #bloggingchallenge.

Also... thank you for creating that awesome banner! A #thoughtfuldailypost make over? No... but something fresh to add to the current !tip

Thank you so much! I´m so glad to hear that from you!

And i didn´t wanted to change your graphic line, i like it! Just give it a bit fluency and composition. Glad you like it too, always at your service... and i will keep spreading much positive energy as i can.

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Hermoso post!, me encanta lo que escribes aqui por que yo intento cada dia pensar asi. A mi me hace feliz ver la felicidad de mi hija, su sonrisa es mi felicidad, solo con eso ya es suficiente para mi.

Pero realmente debes ser feliz por ti sola también... porque algún día tu hija no estará contigo todo el tiempo y la felicidad no debe depender de si otra persona esta contigo o no... la felicidad está en uno mismo.

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This is a nice composition, I can't agree with you less. When we find happiness in ourselves, the reaction of others won't hurt us.

Yup that´s the secret of happiness


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Hola bella. Cuando hay paz en tu alma y tu espíritu, todo se hace más fluido.

Así mismo es Antonia, todo es mejor así.

"¿Mi recomendación? Vive en paz contigo mismo, sana tus heridas, vive cada día como si fuera el último, medita, expresa lo que sientes, disfruta los detalles"

Es la gran clave de todo, optar siempre por lo que te dé paz y mantenerte en ella 🙏✨

Así mismo es y que bonito ver que concuerda conmigo una persona como tu... que quiere dedicar su vida al bienestar mental con tu próximo centro holístico. Gracias por pasar por aquí.

Congratulations @tripode!
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Yes, writing for yourself is a good thing... and don't worry too much about receiving few comments on your posts. That happens to pretty much everyone in this platform. There's just way too many content to read... so replying to every single post is impossible. 🤪

Nice work on this post. Keep it up!

Yeahh! But everyday we are more! Hopefully one day every post will be well value.

A mi me hace feliz saber que aun tengo esperanza

La esperanza es lo último que se pierdee, nunca dejes que pasee.

Así es linda, debemos escribir para liberar nuestras alma,es un buen punto, para lo que escribimos...
Siempre debemos Escribir para nosotros, pero enfocándonos para el público que nos lee.

Gracias por compartir, me encanto tu forma de ver las cosas.

Felicidades 😘😘😘

Muchas gracias Maleida así es! Que no nos detenga lo que hagan los demás. Muchas gracias por tu visita.

Me encanta ser feliz al ser positiva y ayudar a los demás. Saludos.

Que bonito ese sentimiento cuando ayudamos a los demás y vemos la felicidad en sus caras! No tiene precio.

"Y a tí ¿Qué te hace feliz?"
Pues, lo material y entre esas cosas materiales te menciono los que se me ocurren ahora mismo:

  • El quesillo.
  • Télefono
  • Componentes de computadoras
  • Una buena amistad.
    Y lo importante para todos, Estabilidad económica.

Hahahaha tengo que probar el quesillo, desde que entre aqui a la plataforma lo he leido muchisimo.

Hola, bienvenida a la comunidad, tienes una forma muy linda de ver la vida y de transmitirla con tus letras.

En la vida cada detalle importa para hacernos o no felices, pero la actitud con la que tomemos las cosas es la que marcará la diferencia. Gracias por hacerme reflexionar.

Así mismo es Mariana! Muchas gracias a ustedes por tener ese maravilloso programa, de verdad que me divertí muchisimo y me encanto sobre todo como debaten los temas.

Gracias por tu compañía en la actividad Promueve tu Publicación
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Muchas gracias a ustedes, si lo hacen todos los miércoles seguiré participando fija.