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For about 1,5 weeks I've been waiting for my results to come in

I noticed in the e-mail that it could actually take 10 business days before they'd let me know if I passed. I didn't really like the waiting but instead of losing connection with the course, I decided to finish the last part right away as it was possible to do so. I expected this to get unlocked after I passed the two exams, but this wasn't the case.

Better for me, because I managed to finish the last part of the course (containing 2 certificates) quickly and without any bumps in the road like I had with the first part. I knew that if I'd pass these two exams, three certificates would be waiting for me.

The results

I was so excited to see an e-mail from the teacher today and even more excited when I read the first words including "congratulations", that was all I needed honestly! Reading words like "excellent" and "outstanding level" in the feedback made me even happier because as you may remember, it wasn't the easiest assessment for me. The struggle was real, but so was the reward!

Certification on the wall

My boyfriend said I should frame the certificate and put it up in the office, so it's hanging here now. Quite cool. I only printed the 160-hour course (TEFL=Teaching English as a foreign language) certificate as I only had 1 frame. Can't wait for the other certificates to be printed as well. There's still a "Teach English online", "Effective Leadership" and "Superfoods" course waiting among a few others. I will start these soon as now I feel it's the time to broaden my horizon as well. I'm in a good flow and should take advantage of that!

Future plans regarding teaching

I'm not 100% sure yet, I started the course mainly to have the option to teach in the future. For now, I'm too busy with other things to make a decision on how to fit the teaching part in my life. Things will come to me when it's the right time, I'm sure, it always does.

Another good thing that came out of the pandemic for me personally, want to read what else I have experienced as positive outcomes during the pandemic? Check this post..

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Congrats on your qualification!

Thank you!

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Congratulations! Self-improvement is always a great thing! Thanks for sharing! 😃

Thank you so much! I agree, so will defo finish the other courses as well. It can never hurt ;)

Congratulations! I always say that there is something to learn. Self-improvement is important to reach a certain professional level.

Thank you, and I totally agree, it keeps you sharp as well, and I honestly think I will keep doing courses (don't always have to be huge ones of course) on a monthly basis from now on. To keep challenging myself and learn new things.

Personal progress an era of global recession is victory!

Future plans can take their time as things stabilize and recover so pick your spots and keep going.

Personal progress in an era of global recession is victory!

I guess you're right there.. I felt bored and annoyed that my days were not really challenging (first wave) and that made me think about what I could do about it. Still glad I made this choice, you never know how handy it may be in the future. Thanks for stopping by!

Congratulations to you..
More wins for you out there

Thanks you!

Congratulations, forward ever and backwards never

Thank you and yes, that's the spirit :) haha

You welcome

congrats :)

Thank you!


The words "outstanding, excellent" are associated with you, thatisyourlife, haha.

well done

Thank you! And honestly, I expected to pass with barely 75% for one of these exams, the writing one I was confident about, but the lesson plan not so. I struggled weeks and never thought that the feedback would be this good. Feels good though :) let's be honest :)

sure it does, :). I can imagine how you might have jumped at the sight of the "congratulations"

Congrats ! I know that must feel wonderful.

thank you, yes it does :)

Congratulations. More wins!

Thank you :)

AWESOME!! So nice to hear of some wonderful news. I hope this will help you to follow your dreams. I know you will be a valuable and outstanding teacher someday soon 😊

This is great news this period has really gained you much. Congrats and good luck with it in the future

Thank you and it really has yes, of course, I also had some adapting to do and trouble processing all the things going on, but I have managed to focus on the positive quickly when I felt depressed because of the pandemic situation. Diving into something new like a course really helps to keep your mind on something else than the pandemic :)

Well. Good news is just always good news. Congratulations! That's a big deal.

It's always nice to have options in life and you've just created another. Good for you!

It's always nice to have options in life and you've just created another. Good for you!

Exactly my thoughts, even though I'm not using it right away. I still have it and can take advantage of that whenever I decide t do something with it. Thanks for stopping by, your comment is much appreciated!

You did an amazing job!

Thank you, your comment is much appreciated :)

Awesome congrats! What certificate did you pass? I was trying to find it but I couldn’t lol.

It’s great to have these things in our pockets, they can certainly help us in many ways!

TEFL 160-hour course (Teaching English as a foreign language)
included is "120-hour TEFL course" (some only do this course) and "Teaching English to young learners" If you pass these two both, the 160-hour course is completed, which I did.

The only one I have left waiting in the genre is the "Teaching English online" which honestly sounds like a piece of cake when you know your way around the web.. but who knows, I may be surprised haha.

And yes, although I'm not sure yet about how I will use it, I know one day I will. So this will come in handy then.

Thanks for stopping by!

Brava! Certificate in what, though?

TEFL = Teaching English as a foreign language.

Congratulations! It's always good to have that knowledge even if you don't go to work with it. I wish you succeed in finishing all the courses. 👍

Thank you so much, sorry for the late reply! I read it, but wasn't logged in so I forgot to come back.. Your comment is much appreciated though!